Reminds me of GR on Unreal-Roids

Lush greenage to paint with a nice shade of red...MUHAHAHAHA


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Reminds me of GR on Unreal-Roids

Lush greenage to paint with a nice shade of red...MUHAHAHAHA

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Download 'onscamo.zip' (2.39MB)

 Author: Jan "Aquablue" Vos
 Contact: E-mail me @ aquablue@planet.nl or aquablue_01@hotmail.com 
 if you have any questions/suggestions/complaints.

 You are not allowed to use this level as a base to build additional
 levels without MY permission. Feel free to distribute this level, as 
 long as you keep it in it's unmodified, original form leaving the 
 archive, including this file, intact. If you want to modify this map, 
 like remaking it or using it in a mappack, contact me and I will give 
 you permission. That's all I ask.


  - Extract the file 'ONS-Camo.ut2' into your Unreal Tournament 2004/Maps 

 That's all.


 This map is my entry to www.unrealplayground.com's Onslaught Mapping 



 Goliath: 3
 Raptor: 4
 Scorpion: 12
 HellBender: 3

 A medium sized ONS map which can hold quite a lot of players compared 
 to it's size. It has no real theme, really - it's a little militarish, 
 swampy like. The map aimes a little more at tactical playing rather 
 than Rambo techniques; that's why I left the Manta out. It's too fast 
 and it simply doesn't belong in the map.
 In return, there are lots of scorpions for your transport, and a couple 
 of HellBenders and Goliaths for raw firepower. The Raptors are more for 
 quick transport than for fighting, as the map holds lots of Anti-Air 
 Camping is somewhat promoted in this map. You'll likely have situations 
 when campers try to snipe you or your Power Node from a distance. Nothing 
 a direct Lightning Gun hit can't fix though. 
 This map also promotes fighting on foot. As Manta's are not available, 
 there's a lot less ability to squash your enemies, as Scorpions are kind 
 of easy to avoid. On foot, you won't be very fast but you'll likely be 
 deadlier. In addition, this map has lots of cover and hidden items which 
 are only reachable on foot.


 Credit goes out to:

  - SpottedTiger, Bot_40, Spiff and MeanyMortal (members of UnrealPlayground.com) 
 for lots of BETA feedback and good comments.
  - Donator in particular, for feedback and for fixing the MinigunTurrets for ONS.

 Have fun! :-)

  --  Aquablue  --

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