Very well done map, can't for more from this author!!!


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Very well done map, can't for more from this author!!!

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Download 'onscoldfusion.zip' (3.48MB)


Made for the Unreal Playground ONS mapping contest. Official requirements 
in the form of official meshes have been myLeveled.

I haxxored ONS-Dria for meshes and reskinned them.
Bots are almost as dumb as some human players I've seen... :D
Too bad I can't use the 1337 bot guru Cobra for the AI on this one.
Three link setups. Two of which include the leviathan.

Almost all weapons have been incorporated with the notable exception being the deemer. There are three Target painters to make up for that. Three super shields, two shields, one Keg,  and minimal health. Classic sniper rifles in favor of lightining guns. (The whole point of sniping is to stay hidden... duh) Though there's not many places to actually hide, it is a rather large map so long range weapons were mandatory. I tried to plan for some tactics in the design, but this is essentially my first terrain map (I started another map for the contest but had to shelf it) so it is pretty basic in design. I like the layout though.

To install:
Unzip the archive and put the .ut2 file in your UT2004\Maps directory.
Everything esle has been myLeveled so you can do what ever you want with this readme and the screenshot.

Special thx to those who beta tested:
SabbathCat = Mad Scientist of all things UT. Maps, skins, meshes, music, textures... You always know right away if SabbathCat made something. A one of a kind style. Good Friend
Lord_Simeon = This guy can churn out five maps in the time it takes me to make one. And they're always unique and fully developed. And most of all, fun. Good Friend.
SpottedTiger = Used almost all of his suggestions, and the ones I didn't, I was just too lazy to implement. :D
AquaBlue = 1337 player. Going up against him is like playing Russian Roulette with five barrels loaded. Author of DM-GreenValley. All around nice guy.
Bot_40 = Always lurking. Bored. Terrain mapping maestro. Writes some pretty good mapping tutorials when he can be arsed. ;)

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