ONS-Cosimia Final

Updated ONS map for those who like the red planets:)


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Updated ONS map for those who like the red planets:)

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Title                   : ONS-CosimiaFINAL

Version                 : 3.0-Final Vers.!!!
Author                  : Novakovic "LittleMOM" Momir 

Date                    : 08.01.2005

Filename                : ons-cosimiaFINAL.zip

Description             : That`s relativ big Level with rocky-Lava Terrain
                          and some great Static Meshes around                       

Important Notice        : Patch 3339 and UT2004-BonusPack-ECE 1.1 are recommend!!!          

Changes in vers.3.0	: - Some new Power Nodes(4)
                          - New Terrain Layers
                          - Lava and new Emitters
                          - New Gameplay
Email Address           : MomirNov@aol.com

Additional Credits to   : All Tutorials,Comments and Forum bei Unrealedinfo(unrealed.myexp.de)
                          Specially all my Friends and 3DBuzz Tutorials/Forum! 
                          Specially THX goes to Atari Forum!!!

Playtesters             : "LittleMOM" 

Play Information

Game                    : UnrealTournament 2004
Level Name              : ONS-CosimiaFINAL
Single Player           : Yes
Multi Player            : Yes
Gametype                : Onslaught
Difficulty              : medium up to hard
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : No
New SMs                 : Yes
NewUnrealScript         : No
External DLLs           : No
Recommended No. Bots    : 8-14

Comment                 :If you want to use any of my meshes you have to contact me first!!!!

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