ONS-Dark Zone

Dark and desolated area with deadly pools

Don't get in the water!


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Dark and desolated area with deadly pools

Don't get in the water!

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Full title:	Dark Zone
Author:		Steven Skaarj Bergsma (16)
Email:		revenga@quicknet.nl
Game:		Unreal Tournament 2004
Gametype:	Onslaught
Style:		Dark and desolated area with deadly pools
Base:		New level from scratch
Custom		Textures:	yes
		Static meshes:	no
		Sounds:		no
		Music:		no
		Scripts:	no
Editors used:	UnrealEd 3.0, Paint Shop Pro 8, Paint, Microsoft Photo Editor, Microsoft Photo Draw
TimeTaken:	Approx. 1 whole week
Note 1:		This map originally started off as a testmap for my first BIG Onslaught map. But
		the map became that much complex and had everything from a normal Onslaught map, that
		I thought to just finish it and let the community decide if its more than just a
		finished testmap. :)
Note 2:		When you find ANY errors in the map or you have suggestions for improving it, just
		email me. :)
Installation:	Unzip the Zipfile and place the map (UT2004 map-file) in your Maps directory and place the ReadMe (this is just a
		hint) in your Help directory.
		The screenshots 1, 2 and 3 (jpg-files) are just for the download site (the shots you see when you
		download it), so you can delete them.

Thanks for downloading!

Feel free to do anything with my map (copy some ideas, use it in a LAN-party, host it on your site, built another map straight out of
mine), UNDER THE CONDITION you place MY name (Steven Skaarj Bergsma) with the act. :) Fair and square. ENJOY!

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