Millenia after the space portals had been constructed, humankind explored countless galaxies within a universe of billions of stars. Unknow...


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Millenia after the space portals had been constructed, humankind explored countless galaxies within a universe of billions of stars. Unknown at the time, the space portal travel corrupted human DNA resulting in a super-human race with increased aggression and shameless disregard for human life. The super-humans dedicated their contentious lives to travelling through the web of space portals, destroying other worlds. Deep within the Magellanic Cloud your battle to survive now begins. Welcome to the planet SandStone.

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Description  	Control the Nodes and attack the opposing team Core on this alien planet.
Design 	A strong environmental goal with realistic terrain and plenty of atmosphere.  Winds, meteors, a wide range of plants, and even alien animal roars in the distant mountains.
Features 	- plenty of custom scripts, sounds, staticmeshes, and textures
- many custom designed and developed staticmeshes
- no CSG (BSP brushes) was used for greater map speed
- realistic high resolution terrain with multiple textures
- custom in-house developed software was used in making the terrain
- plenty of shader textures
- custom scripted audio effects
- emitter objects
- more than three months in development time
Game Type 	Onslaught
Players 	6 to 32 (recommend 16 to 32)
Map Specifications 	
Style 	large outdoor
Dimensions 	131,072 UUs subtraction (2.5 sq kms, 1.6 sq miles)
81,920 UUs terrain (1.6 sq kms, 0.97 sq miles)
61,440 UUs of play area (1.2 sq kms, 0.73 sq mile)
Music 	yes
Weather 	yes
Custom meshes 	yes
Custom music 	yes
Custom scripts 	yes
Custom sounds 	yes
Custom textures 	yes
Notes 	- Skybox Textures by Hipshot.
- Four software applications were used in the creation of this terrain including custom in-house developed software.
- Low end PCs should turn off the Foliage option (terrain deco layers) and set their World Detail level to Normal or Low, for a large increase in game framerate.
- For extra game fun, be sure to try the following mutators with this map: Lightweight Vehicles, Stunt Vehicles, and Vehicle Pickups.  And for a cool bot's-eye-view of the realistic environment, start a Spectate game, choose your favorite bot, then press F4 to see what they see.

Map Specifics:

- 2 Cores and 11 Nodes.
- 2 Weapon Lockers at each Core, 1 Weapon Locker at each Node.
- 2 Health and 2 Shield at each Core, Health and Shield at each Node.
- SuperHealths and SuperShields are on the map.
- Painter and Redeemer are on the map.
- 2 Turrets at each Core, 1 Turrent at each of the six outer primary Nodes.
- Vehicle Loadout: 17 Mantas, 17 Scorpions, 6 Hellbenders, 3 Goliaths, 4 Raptors.
- Bonus Loadout: 3 Paladins, 2 SPMAs.
- Numerous JumpPads scattered around the map.
- Plus a few secret surprises.
Bugs 	None.
Requirements 	Unreal Tournament 2004 and the Epic ECE 1.1 free Bonus Pack

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