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Set in a decimated earth civilization, FalloutField, is the result of a planet wide nuclear war that caused an extinction level event (E.L.E...


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Set in a decimated earth civilization, FalloutField, is the result of a planet wide nuclear war that caused an extinction level event (E.L.E.) around the year 2012. The humanoids that buried themselves far underground survived the initial devistation. Once the humanoid's supplies were exhausted, they were forced to surface. Some died within days, others went completely insane before dying of their radiation burns, and there were the ones who lived on. It was a select few that saw the power of a nation waiting to be taken like candy from a baby. They remembered their past and how the support and loyalty of thousands had been the result of live blood sport. And so it was, FalloutField was constructed from the remains of a past long forgotten. The tribes of earth rejoiced in the games and for the contestants, it was an honor to die in any combat for their leader. The organizers of the Unreal Tournament got wind of the field from some low life bounty hunters (who else would be caught hanging out in the sh$t hole of the galaxy), they decided to contact the "Leader". Well lets just say the negotiations didn't work out, the tournament decided earth would be a nicer place without the inhabitants and so they crushed the humanoids of earth. Earth and FalloutField are now Official Property of Tournament. Welcome to the sh%tt%$st place in the galaxy, but WOW! I've got to hand it to the earthlings for putting together one hell of a track. Enjoy just don't hurt yourself. A win here can put your team up big in the overall standings.

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Download 'onsfalloutfield.zip' (26.39MB)


This is a huge map I'm running on... P4HT 3.2 GHz 1 GB RAM ATI FireGL V3100 128mb RAM Running Unreal 2004 with default settings

I tested it on my old... P4 1.5GHz 768 mb RAM Nvidia GeforceFX 5700 LE 128mb RAM And it was practically unplayable, the settings had to be turned so low the game looked like shyte.

If you have a bomb box on your desk and you give it a whirl I know you'll have a great time. But if your box isn't up to snuff "forgetta bout it!"

I welcome all comments even hate mail! It takes at least 2 people to make a piece of art, one to build it and one to tell you whats wrong with it so it becomes better.


I have a very intricate bot path set up. The map is very large in scale and there are a ton of vehicles. I suggest you max this baby out to the - 32 PLAYERS 32 PLAYERS LIMIT !!!!!!!!!!!


There are 2 Redeemers on the top of the terror dome. Its tricky to land on the rails and walk to them but I assure you with a couple of tries under your belt its cake.

I have listed this map under completed but is anything ever truly completed or do you just get tired of working on it????????

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