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ONS-Grit, desert at night? Well I had my reservations but this map turned out to be a pretty cool new look on the original map by Vance. Sur...


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ONS-Grit, desert at night? Well I had my reservations but this map turned out to be a pretty cool new look on the original map by Vance. Sure, the cool skybox has now gone and the whole desert dry and bright atmosphere has gone, but it's been replaced by the eerie shadow of darkness. ;) Admittedly the edges of the arena do look worse from closer proximity, but in the air they look much better than in the first versions.

I miss the change in music for the hidden area (Yet the new normal music is thankfully much better), and the little messages are long missed, but the new ambient sounds and atmosphere do this map proud. Whilst it is better in some ways though, it is also worse in other ways. The pyramids look particularly pretty in the night version, with the blue glow, and the raptors look nice and 'neon' on the first pyramid, I loved that. :D However, although FPS is improved, it was fine before, and now the darkness fog prevents you from seeing very far in the map. I also think you could make a better skybox which is dark and includes the pyramids. However it's always nice to see night-time maps, they appeal to me, and although this map isn't new, this element gives its gameplay a whole new interesting slant :)

~Szico VII~

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Download 'onsgritnights.zip' (7.53MB)

Title                   : Grit-Nights
Version         	: 1.0 (second edition of ONS-Grit, night version)
Release Date       	: July 13th, 2004
Filename               	: ONS-Grit-SE.ut2
Author                  : Vance 'Cavern Tan' Tran
Email Address       	: vance@vancetran.com
HomePage                : http://vancetran.com

Levels by author	: UT2004                ONS-Grit-

Mike "Mr. Roboto" Eng for being the original Beta Tester
Nut_Bag for donating game server time. Props to the }SotD{ clan!
The Map Exploiters (www.GSkills.com):
Cythes, thaliongor, [Roz], and annihlius
From the Atari UT2004 Beta Release Forums:
=UM=TheMaster, Saito, Murphious, BassGsSpDeluxe, Xyx
Epic for making a great game that is mod-friendly!
Cain, ThePerfectCore and Everyone at Cain's Lair!
3dBuzz VTMs, Angel_Mapper's ONS Tutorial, 
and Architectonic's UT2003 Tutorials, Shane Hazleton

--- Play Information ---
Game                    	: UT2004
Level Name              	: ONS-Grit
Single Player           	: Botmatch
Onslaught	              	: 16-32 players
New Music               	: "Drax" by Shane Hazelton
New Sounds              	: No
New Textures          	        : No
New StaticMeshes/Models	        : No
NewUnrealScript      	        : No
Known bugs              	: No

--- Construction ---
Editor(s) used          	: UnrealEd 3.0 / GIMP 2.0

The Wasteland consumes all who attempt to discover its many secrets... The bases of two warring factions reside in the South-Eastern and South-Western regions of the vast desert. The Oasis in the center of the Wastes has miraculous healing properties. Special runes in the Western and Eastern regions call on the power of the Gods themselves to provide protection against foes. The far Northern temple holds great rewards for those who are worthy.

Unzip the ONS-Grit.ut2 file into your UT2004/maps/ directory.
Unzip the Hazelton-Drax.ogg file into your UT2004/music/ directory.

Copyright / Permissions
Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.  This map may 
NOT be modified in any way without the author's express, written permission.
You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this level, i.e. put it on a CD
or any other electronic medium that is sold for money without my explicit
permission!  This INCLUDES putting it on ftp.cdrom.com which have a
tendancy to do just as such or any other major ftp that bundles cd-roms
out of what they carry.
You MAY distribute this level through any electronic network (internet,
FIDO, local BBS etc.), provided you include this file and leave the archive

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