A small chaotic ONS arena inside a dome.


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A small chaotic ONS arena inside a dome.

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ONS-=LOD=Dome-Of-Doom Read Me
This is my very first map. Kinda simple but still very fun. Basically it's a Dome with lots of vehicles. 
It has bot pathing so bots can be used. I recomend 16 players but you can use however many you like.
Instalation Instructions
1. Just put the ONS-=LOD=Dome-Of-Doom map file into you're maps folder.
2. Put the LOD texture file into your UT2004 Textures.
3. If your find any bugs or errors please contact me at the email below.
 You may not use my file to redistributed on CD, DVD etc,to be resold, modified or "plugged" into a mod without notifying me.
 If you would like to make modifications to my map please contact me at canadian-man@hotmail.com
Please Visit =LOD= Website At www.legionofdoom.i8.com

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