Basically a tropical oasis in a ice world, or what the creator calls, a reverse oasis, this map is a very creative idea and a load of fun to...


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Basically a tropical oasis in a ice world, or what the creator calls, a reverse oasis, this map is a very creative idea and a load of fun to play as well. There is a lot of detail in the map, and the weapons and vehicles are balanced pretty well, though some of the powernodes could be closer together. Overall, a very gorgeous, original, and fun map that you will be playing for hours.

Notes: Last 2 screenshots courtesy of Buffy, a fellow File Network member. :)

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Title             : MidWorld 
Version           : 1.0 (For UT2004)
File Name         : ONS-MidWorld.ut2 
Author            : Cory 'SpoonDog' Spooner 
Email Address     : thespoondog@beyondunreal.com 
Web Page          : http://spoondog.beyondunreal.com


Files  	: ONS-MidWorld.ut2 

Credits	: Thanks to everyone at Perception for testing at lunchtimes, and helpful advice!

Other maps	: Too many to be bothered putting 'em in here 
     		: (Just visit my website - see above)

--- Construction --- 

Editor(s) used       : UnrealEd, Photoshop, 3DS Max. 

--- Installation ---

To install the map, unzip the files to the following directories:

.ut2 files to UT2004\Maps

--- Description ---

Take a step into an inverse oasis.  An isolated paradise in a prehistoric world of ice.

Here - on the slick ice surfaces, among the alien-like plants, bird life & snow that struggles to settle - you will battle for supremacy.

--- Notes ---

Well, the map is nothing spectacular.  I realized that the last map I released (CTF-CBP2-Deep), I actually started two years ago!  Craziness... So I thought I should get my A into G and release this one... which I actually started not long after UT2004 was released (I've been busy, k!).  I based the layout and gameplay of the level on the 8v8 games we had at work, nutted out what node/vehicle layouts gave the most enjoyable games, and combined them to try and make a map that would suit the games we played.  The map is geared towards giving the defenders a chance to "come back".  There was going to be a Leviathan support node in the initial design but it wasn't really needed in the end.  Also, the whole lower level of the map used to be flat ice that was slippery for vehicles and players on foot, and it worked okay, but the level was too flat and boring for little gameplay amusement, so I changed it to terrain.  Much better.

The looks of it... well... it was meant to be based off this pic I found of these weird round cliffs, mixing dry and ice.  I didn't really pull it off but what the hey.  It looks good enough, plays good, and comes complete with a Spoondog-style easter egg!  The map should run fine, even on low-end systems, though I haven't had a chance to test it on my other shitter, because the motherboard is squealing at me.

Look out for a Hydro-style CTF from me soon... bout 50% of the way there :)

That's enough... This level and it's meshes/textures are copyright Cory 'SpoonDog' Spooner, May 2005.

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