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My review of ONS-Ranger: This map is one of those which I look on as common. I don't mean the mapping skill is rubbish, I mean the a...


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My review of ONS-Ranger:

This map is one of those which I look on as common. I don't mean the mapping skill is rubbish, I mean the ambience and setting is common. There's maps which stretch the norm, such as Toon Country and Ligeia, and then there's maps such as this that feel just a little plain to me. The music is the kinda stuff you'd find with the game, but even so It wouldn't have been the music I'd have picked. Anway, aside from my personal dislike, I know that different styles appeal to different people.

Some of the green hills are a little spikey, and the texture isn't ideal in some cases, however the little bridges and node setup works very well. It's also good to see theat that map isn't perfectly repeated, but still gives neither side an unfair advantage. I am annoyed that my manta fell through one of the wooden bridges, g. The pathways through the small hills and the little river with the pool and the waterfall is very nice, but perhaps the transition between the lake and the river's textures could've been a little better. The indoor areas were also nice, but again, a little plain for me. Aside from this though, you've got an Onslaught map thats fun and easy to play, seeing as FPS is pretty easy going, and even people with lower-spec machines should be able to play this reasnably comfortably. I also like he powernode setups, they make for interesting strategy gaming

Well, what's changed for what the author claims to be the final version of this map? Well, to be honest not a lot. The author says framerate is better, and it is, but it's not noticeable fo higher-spec machines, however if you had problems with the old one (i.e your PC was REALLY outdated) then this could be for you. The river still looks odd, and the mountain texture hasn't changed. So this final version doesn't offer a whole new experience from the new one. I do want to mention the small passageways filled with flowing energy which are nice, but theres not much more here. The author also says botpathing has been improved but I didn't have time to test it.

~Szico VII~

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Download 'onsrangermsu.zip' (7.02MB)

ONS-RangerMSU (intended for the Make Something Unreal contest, phase 4)

Created by Tom 'Sumasshu' Oliphant, May-July 2004.
Best played with 6-12 players.

What is ONS-RangerMSU in relation to ONS-Ranger(final)?:
After releasing ONS-Ranger (final), I got a lot of complaints that it was too laggy.  I knew some places were bad before I released it, but I hoped that it wouldn't effect gameplay too much.  After all of the complaints, I began working on a more optimized version of ONS-Ranger.  Going over my level changing just a few things  (fluidSerfaceInfos, waterfalls, a few portals and antiportals, karma bridges, etc), I made the level much more optimized -- In many places the framerate is more than doubled!  I also added a few more static meshes, changed a texture here and there, and worked on the bot pathing a little more.  I think you will be quite pleased with the improvements of the level.

Happy fragging, and I hope to see you online!

--Tom 'Sumasshu' Oliphant.  (ironfistfaqs@yahoo.com)

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