A nifty kitchen style map. The godlight on the windows is unique, but it looks a little fake. The node layout is great though.


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A nifty kitchen style map. The godlight on the windows is unique, but it looks a little fake. The node layout is great though.

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Download 'onsrfkitchen.zip' (7.36MB)

                                                       January, 19th 2006

ONS-  RFKitchen  an Unreal Tournament 2004 level

Thank you for downloading my level. I hope you will like and enjoy it.

Extract all files into the UT2004 root folder   ( C:/UT2004 )
The software will automatically unpack the files into the proper folders
when "use subfolders" is checked.

Or if you want to unpack the files manually you must place them in the following folders:

ONS-RFKitchen.ut2          into  /UT2004/Maps
    RFKitchen.utx          into  /UT2004/Textures
    RFKiVehicles.utx       into  /UT2004/Textures
    RFKitchenVehicles.usx  into  /UT2004/StaticMeshes
    RFKitchenVH.ukx        into  /UT2004/Animations

Level Name                  : RFKitchen
Level FileName              : ONS-RFKitchen.ut2   (10,5 MB)
Release Date\Version        : Jan, 19th 2006        v.1.1  (v.1.0 wasn't released -uploaded archive error/corrupted)
Game Type                   : UT2004 Onslaught
Bot support                 : Yes
New Vehicle                 : Thunderbird - Extends Raptor with new model and textures and different props
New Textures                : Yes  (7,06 MB)
New StaticMeshes            : Yes alot
Bugs:                       : no bugs known
MinMax Players              : you are good to go with 6 ppl. Map default 8 players.

Author                      : RED-FROG
E-mail                      : Red_Frog@web.de
Website                     : www.red-frog.de.vu

Use the shieldgun when you accidently fall down from high above to reduce fall damage.
Use the "vehicle arena" mutator and replace all vehicles (the 2 "Scorpion" jeeps in this case) with the "Raptor" to add more dogfight.
Use the double damage, redeemer or the Thunderbird to faster destroy power nodes.
Watch your step. :)

RFKitchen is an indoor ONS level where you are as small as a rat. The power nodes are positioned on
different levels which makes the battle more interesting. Everything happens in one big untidy room,
things like milk boxes or cans become good cover in the heat of fight. The fresh gameplay feeling
in such levels is a pleasure compared to the offical maps and the other outdoor terrain maps.
Gaining control of a special power node gives your team the ability to flight with a stronger exclusive
vehicle called "Thunderbird" which is more powerful, this adds some king of the hill gameplay,
which is optional by choosing the link setups.
I spend a lot of time on optimizing the gameplay and the fairness. Thats NOT an "uber large" micro map
where you have to walk kilometers to reach something. Ya know...rats aren't that small and can be fast too :)

have fun guys.

I want to thank Levels4you.com for the support of so many games, including my all time favorite game Red Faction!
And thanks for supporting people like me by hosting their work!
I'm new in this "unreal buisiness", but I like it to see that my latest levels/mutator get downloaded on filefront even
when they dont know my name...and I don't know anyone there. Really nice site and community.

Unfortunately this level was not tested online by me, but hundrets of hours tested with bots from the alpha stage
till the final version. (I really shouldn't have pathed the map so early)
I hope bots don't play that much different. :p But they play just great.. :P


oh n don't forget to check my site! :)

This level is not to be changed in anyway unless written permission from the author.
But is free for distribution on any server or website while leaving the archive unchanged including this Readme.

People may NOT use this level, including it's reference material, as a base to build additional levels without the authors written permission.
People may NOT use the additional vehicle "Thunderbird" and it's related model/textures in other levels or mods without the authors written permission, or give me some credit at least. :)

You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this level, i.e. put it on a CD or any other electronic medium
that is sold for money without my explicit permission!

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