More desert mappage. This one is a medium map and has the key node in the center so get used to sweeping your team-mates gibs into a dust pan.

If your not in a vehicle you can get to higher ground....wink wink:)



ONS-SandCrack-OMC by (c) 4-15-04 Bret -={JUDGE}=- Lund
Email: [email protected]
Date: April 15th 2004.
Unreal Tournament 2004 Onslaught level.


This is my entry for the unrealplayground.com onslaught mapping contest.

Map Description:

Like it hard and fast? The SandCrack onslaught arena is a dead end slot canyon with no way out. The sun will burn your skin, dust will fill your lungs, and only the best will be rewarded with rejuvenating victory. Be sure to bring a friend, 'cause it's going to get HOT!

Map Info:

This is a smaller onslaught map that is all action and no standing around. If your team is not fighting everysecond, you will lose.

Expect a very hard fought ground battle, no raptors are in this map. Exploring with the manta could yield some payoff (hint hint).

Map will support from 16 to 20 players (with 20 being really hectic and crazy).


How to play:

Unzip ONS-SandCrack-OMC.ut2 into your UT2004/Maps directory.
Unzip SC-JS-War.ogg into your ut2004/music directory.
Then load up UT2004 and pick the map from your onslaught list.

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