ONS-Tank Wars

It seems that Onslaught maps are going to become very popular - I've seen about 32 new ones in the space of a week. Some of them have been u...


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It seems that Onslaught maps are going to become very popular - I've seen about 32 new ones in the space of a week. Some of them have been utter tripe, some were amazing, and others (incuding this one) are very enjoyable. Basically, this is a very small Onslaught Map with a difference. One powernode right in the middle, and a Powercore about 500m away on each side. The problem is that there's also about 12 tanks inbetween each team's powercore *gulp.* I think there should also have been a Leviathan tank that spawns at the middle node, but unfortunately its not my map and I can't do anything about it.

So basically with a lot of people you get carnage - and It's really fun. The problem is that nobody will ever win unless the teams are really small or 1-sided. Usally this ends up with me getting bored and leaving after at least 30mins. Also theres not too much detail on the ground flooring, and from a high view it seems a little empty - but what the hell, that's not what counts in this map :) All I can say it try it, but prepare to be frustrated. One last point. Due to the amount of vehicles this map is pretty heavy on CPU and FPS, so be warned. Good work here Tristan Griffith, can't wait to see more from you :D

~Szico VII~

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Download 'onstankwars.zip' (2.96MB)

An Onslaught map for UT2004

Made by: 	Tristan 'Giganerd' Griffith
Started:	3-31-2004
Finished:	4-9-2004

ONS-TankWars is a an Onslaught map that consists of an open battlefield, only one powernode, and whole bunch of Goliaths (tanks).  This combination creates one grueling and chaotic, but fun as hell, battle.  This map supports up to 24 players and each base has eight tanks, two turrets, and plenty of weapons.  The Air Strike gun is also in this map; good luck reaching it alive!

Simply extract ONS-TankWars.ut2 into your ../UT2004/Maps directory.

Contact Info
Feel free to email me with comments, questions, or concerns at: saxyboy85@hotmail.com

Thanks to
Epic, Digital Extremes, Psyonix (and their Onslaught How-To tutorial), Streamline Studios, Atari, the entire Unreal Series community, and last but not least Matt for helping me test this map. 

Legal Stuffs
You may only redistribute this map if the following conditions exist:
- the entire zip file is intact and unchanged and includes this Readme.txt
- you are not gaining any profit, etc. from the distribution of this file

If you modify this map in anyway please give me credit as well notify me of your changes.

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