Nine floating islands of varying sizes with an airborne onslaught battle happening.


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Nine floating islands of varying sizes with an airborne onslaught battle happening.

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Map Name: ONS-TIM-SlateSE
Author: Tim "T-Shinzon" Shin
Description: Nine floating islands of varying sizes with an airborne onslaught battle happening.
Version: Special Edition Final

I made this map a long while ago, and recently re-discovered it. I discovered it at its Beta 2 stage.

SE Final (Really!)
-Made ramp in Factory Isle easier to use
-Added BSP to small islands to make lighting much better
-Lava does damage now
-Smoothed volcano terrain

SE Final:
-Fixed messed up molten metal
-Made it so that rain does not appear inside the volcano isle
-Added small details
-Added bridges
  Construction of a Bridge:
    1.) 3 High tension plate-armored steel cables are strung across the islands to be connected 
        -two side-by-side and one in the middle a little lower
    2.) Steel girders are placed to connect the cables in a V shape
    3.) A thin, flexible yet powerful steel platform is placed connected to the top two cables
    4.) A maintenance walkway is placed on the lower cable
    5.) Lights are placed to make sure aircraft are aware of the bridge
-Replaced one of the AA Hellbenders in the Volcano Cavern with an Ion Plasma Tank
-Fixed pathing issues on volcano isle
-Made it so that it doesn't rain under structures
-Made it so that it doesn't rain under the Power Core roof structures
-Changed turret respawn time from 15 to 40 seconds
-Added 2 more [short] bridges
-Fixed a great deal of vehicle bot pathing issues (Now they use ground vehicles more often! Yay!)
-Added a scorpion to each base
-Added a AA Hellbender to each base's outpost (small lower island)
-Redid Radar Map at a higher resolution
-Added several link setups

SE 1:
-Added extra land area to factory isle
-Added extra land area to forest isle
-Changed forest isle to have less trees and bigger ones
-Added picnic tables to forest isle
-Added even more land area to forest isle
-Changed superweapons on factory & forest isles to redeemers
-Added structures to cover some power nodes
-Added cranes and crates to factory isle
-Changed floor of factory isle into BSP for substantially better lighting
-Added turbo ramps to send ground vehicles flying around
-Added Grinning Hermit's assault turret classes to the map
-Fixed some issues with bot pathing
-Simplified picnic table collision
-Added MarZer's dynamic rain

-Added molten metal falling off factory island
-Added a cavern to the volcanic island
-Updated Default Link Setup
-Added Onslaught Map View
-Added Preview image (same as above)
-Fixed a static mesh so that it collides with vehicles
-Changed Camoflauge combo mesh into a Teapot
-Moved Redeemer
-Added 1 Big Keg 'o' Health and 1 Super Shield
-Changed forest island's top texture

Beta 4:
-Added AA Hellbender

Beta 3:
-Changed middle island into a volcanic one
-Added superweapons: one redeemer, one ion painter, one target painter
-Added Hellbenders
-Gave slightly more cover to the power cores
-Added 2 small islands
-Customized each island's texture (besides base islands) [subtle]
-Added some stone path texturing to each base
-Added more powerups
-Updated RaptorFactories to spawn as many as 2 (opposed to 1) everywhere except the base islands
(This should make bots [and you] not get marooned quite as often)
-Added a bunch of turrets
-Added a bunch of Link Setups

Beta 2:
-Made Islands more detailed
-Bot Pathing

Beta 1:
-Concept, Basic Island Layout
Boring Legal stuff:

The AA Hellbender is coded (or modified, whichever you prefer) by me. You can use it in your own
maps by placing the ONSPRVFactory and changing the vehicle spawning to the TIMPRV. You can
use it as long as you give me credit for the modification.

The static meshes that I made:
-islands 1-5

You can use these static meshes in your own maps, as long
as I get credit for them.

The static meshes for the picnic tables were made using the planks from ONS-Frostbite.
The static meshes for the tubes with molten steel in them are from DM-Metallurgy and are slightly
   modified for collision.

This map may not be used as a base to make other maps, etc.

For using their stuff:
-MarZer for Dynamic Rain and Dynamic Sound (Dynamic Weather)
-Grinning Hermit for the assault turret classes in onslaught

For feedback:
Thanks: (in the order that they started posting [i think]) 

AnubanUT2 - Great feedback from the very beginning release and faithful in the entire history of this map   

kiddaily - Providing alternate download links for pretty damn near everything  

Xyx - Great technical feedback on gameplay, etc. BTW, where has he disappeared to? 

robo422 - Feedback that's straight to the point and comes quickly so that I get get to work right away 

Coriolis - Awesome feedback on the same level as Xyx (which is pretty high) 

MarZer - Feedback and great help setting up his dynamic rain in this map 

~RIP~Maverick=F - Told me about a major problem while playing online (which I couldn't do because I can't host a server) 

CBA'ken - Providing d/l links in the VeC site

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