ONS-Toon Country 3.0 Fixed

My Previous review of ONS -Toon Country: This map is one of a kind, and when i say that I mean it in a brilliant way. It's not one of...


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My Previous review of ONS -Toon Country:

This map is one of a kind, and when i say that I mean it in a brilliant way. It's not one of a kind because its really bad, or because there's something in it that is so stupid, it's because it's Cel-Shaded. IF you’ve ever played Zelda: The Wind-Waker you know the kind of style I mean. A friend recommended this map to me a few days ago and I can’t believe I haven’t seen this before somewhere! Seriously, one look at this and I was hooked. The island is so lush and green, and the sea so nicely done you could just stay in the level for ever and ever. That’s how nice this level looks. Sure, the Power Nodes and weapons can look a little out of place, but if you really find that as this map’s worst point then you haven’t got a very strong argument. So, after you’ve gaped at the screenshots for a while, I’ll tell you what the map is like to play. It’s everything an ONS map should be, the Powernode setup works, the bot-pathing is reasonable, and the vehicles and weapons are all placed nicely. The only faults I can find with this map are as follows: Firstly, you can’t go into the sea due to invisible walls Secondly, if you go into the lakes on the land you blow up and die. I am really disappointed with this, I had hoped to go hide down there, but oh well… maybe for a v2? And that’s about the best description I can give. However before I leave make sure you check out the volcano, it looks really nice, as do the mountains… and... yeah, you get my point Oh, one last thing, there’s a small clipping problem around one of the rocks, I’ll mark it on my screenshot. Nothing to worry about though, it’s nothing major.

And this is great, not only has this map fixed all of those little invisible wall areas, but you can now go into the water! Awesomeness!! :D

~Szico VII~

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Download 'onstooncountryv3fixed.zip' (4.43MB)

An ONS map with toon style for UT2004 ONLY !!!

Just drag ONS-ToonCountry_V3.UT2 in your maps directory.

Feel free to feedback !!

Enjoy !

History :

ONS-ToonCountry - Beta v. 3.0

	-Add Towers
	-change disposition of power nodes
	-Add 2 raptors in each team
	-change ammo pickup ( more ammo )
	-fix some bugs

ONS-ToonCountry - Beta v. 2.0
	-work version

ONS-ToonCountry - Beta v. 1.031

	-fix a bad antiportal.

ONS-ToonCountry - Beta v. 1.03

	-Optimized collision on hills, tunnel entrance etc...
	-Added few antiportals.

ONS-ToonCountry - Beta v. 1.021

	-Name changed : Added capital in ut2 name and in game menu.

ONS-tooncountry - Beta v. 1.02

	-No more water kill.

ONS-tooncountry - Beta v. 1.01

	-All files are now in mylevel pack, no more usx or utx needed, just the UT2 is needed.



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