ONS-Torlan [Phoenix Paradise]

Okay I know that essentialy this map isn't really the author's own work, and and as much as I am against this kind of thing, when it turns...


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Okay I know that essentialy this map isn't really the author's own work, and and as much as I am against this kind of thing, when it turns out to be so fun, I can't help but praise it. :) Phoenix Paradise is at its core, Torlan, but with a difference. Being an Ion Tank fanatic, I can't help but love this map, especially as I haven't seen another map aside from the sssault one with it in, although It's a shame they automatically blow up if you leave them for about 10 seconds! :( There's also a rather excessive amount of Pheonix painters -hence the name, however I think 10 is perhaps a slight bit too much, especially as they respawn very quickly for superweapons. Theres now 2 redeemers on one of the middle towers. Yes you heard me, ONE of the middle towers, because there's now four! Its a nice touch, although I'm a bit disappointed they all look the same.. :(

The thing about this is that is is Torlan in a way, but its just different too, I spent a while looking around and very few areas looked the same, but perhaps this was just because of the towers, perhaps not, but still I find it a welcome change. There is a Leviathan at each base, and an extra 3 Mantas, and an Ion tank. Fun fun fun. :D And thats about it. It can get quite laggy with a lot of people playing, which is an extreme disadvantage, but this is due to the extreme wealth of vehicles in the map. If you plan on doing this again, perhaps make it more original and remove some of the target painters, make them ion painters.

And that's about all I have to say on the matter. I'm not going to go on about it not being the author's own work, and yes I do agree that the author doesn't deserve all the credit, but at least give him a break from any abusive comments, especially if you havent pklayed this map, because it really IS fun :) Oh, and one last thing - why aren't there any vehicles on the top area above the middle node?! Do you know how annoying it is to be up there without a vehicle! Also, check out the screenshots for more info.

~Szico VII~

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Download 'onstorlanphoenixparadise.zip' (2.01MB)


de FLAK74 (modification de la map originale ONS-Torlan de hourences)

+ 2 leviathan.
+ de 10 phoenix ( comptez vous-même :-D ).
+ 4 ion plasma tank.
+ 2 redempteurs.
+ 4 tours.
+ 4 raptors dans chaque base.


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roughly translated... by me lol :)

by Flak74, a conversion of the original Torlan map for UT2004
-2 Leviathans
-10 Pheonix Painters (Hence the level name)
-4 Ion Tanks
-2 Redeemers
-4 Towers
- 4 Raptors at each base? (I think)

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