If there's one thing most FPS gamers will think of when they think of UT, it's the diverse range of environments. Some of the craziest and m...


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If there's one thing most FPS gamers will think of when they think of UT, it's the diverse range of environments. Some of the craziest and most innovative maps ever dreamt of can be found in the UT community.

The Plaza, by Giles Cresswell, is no exception. Originally a UT2003 CTF map, Relic has, with Giles' permission, taken the map and converted it to Onslaught, making for a new ONS experience.

The first thing you should know is that you won't find a vehicle here. Nada. Not one. The map is at such a size that vehicles aren't necessary, and it certainly forces you to coordinate with team members more.

I'm not going to cut any corners here, so I'll just come out and say that if you've played the original map, you'll instantly see that virtually nothing has changed visibly. You'll only notice the changes once you start playing. Effectively coordinating a rush is impossible, since defensive tactics have such an advantage. The game skews itself in the favour of whoever has the most tactical capability.

The map looks good, provides a good gameflow, and balances out evenly. Not one you want to miss if you're an Onslaught fan - but it's not Onslaught as you're likely accustomed to.

~ Kouen

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ONS-TR-ThePlaza - by Joe (Relic) Unik
		  Original map by Giles Cresswell



First of all, special thanks to Giles Cresswell who permitted
me to use his 2003 CTF map "UnrealPlaza" as a base for this
map.  I loved this map in it's original CTF form, and thought
it would make a KILLER ONS map.  I have seen only a few indoor
ONS maps, and several things make this one unique.  First of
all...no vehicles!  I didn't see the need for them, and there
really isn't room in the map for tanks anyway.  Secondly...no
music! I went to great lengths to try to create a realistic
environment, which meant lots of ambient sounds.  A soundtrack
would have simply ruined that.  The setting/theme is simply a
downtown Plaza.


REQUIREMENTS: UT2004 ECE Bonus Pack due to textures used


BUILD TIME: Approx. 3 weeks

PLAYERS:    4-16

TOOLS USED: UnrealED 3.0
	    Adobe Photoshop 7

BUGS:       No known bugs. If you find any please email me!


USAGE: 	    Install the files as follows:

            .ut2 files go in UT2004\Maps



            Removed all CTF content
            Removed all AI Scripts
            Removed all original weapons and powerups
            Changed lighting on original blue/red bases
            Increased map size by 60%
            Added 2 parking garages and 2 courtyards
            Added many new meshes and models
            Added ONS content, weapons, powerups, teleports
            New bot pathing throughout the map
            Added new ambient sounds

	    New sounds - NO
	    New music - NO
	    New meshes - NO
	    New textures - NO
	    New Classes - NO



Feel free to distribute this map anyway you wish, except for
profit/commercial purposes.  All that I ask is that this
original distribution is left intact in full.


ENJOY ! .... ~{TR}~Relic

CONTACT : relic@relicsut.com

WEBSITE : www.relicsut.com

(1) 2004 Server online in ONS - The Reliquary #4

(3) 2003 Servers online in BR - The Reliquary #1
			        The Reliquary #2
			        The Reliquary #3



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