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Onslaught. UT2004's signature gametype if ever it had one. I'm still more of an AS guy myself, but vehicles are a great aspect to warfare....


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Onslaught. UT2004's signature gametype if ever it had one. I'm still more of an AS guy myself, but vehicles are a great aspect to warfare.

Warfare is precisely what this mid-sized urban combat map provides, as well as a few other fun purposes.

General layout? OK. The two generators are each on top of large buildings at either side of the map. There are several other tall buildings in the middle, but it's mostly flat ground. There's a road going around the whole central park, as well as two highways each leading to a powernode. Other node locations are on top of buildings and on the flat ground underneath the highways.

In direct contrast to it's official counterpart, ONS-Urban, most of the map is a wide, sunny, and open area. This gives plenty of room for sniping, but there's also plenty of cover, so there'll be times where you have to get up close and personal. Aerial assaults are viable, but thanks to the turrets guarding the highway powernodes, you're not untouchable by any stretch of the imagination - piloting skills are necessary here to avoid the hail of fire you'll attract.

You could also, if you like mini games, use the roads for street racing. Why? Because it's kinda fun. :p

Relic scores again with a good multi-purpose ONS map. There's a bit of everything in here, and it doesn't excel in any field, likewise it doesn't fail in any field either. Plus, you can fit at least 22 players in this before it gets anywhere near cramped.

Fun for all the family.

~ Kouen

NOTE: You will need the UT2004 Mega Bonus Pack to use this map, as it includes the Cicada bomber.

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ONS-[TR]Transmission - by Joe (Relic) Unik



An earthquake has hit a modest city. Most buildings survived the rumble...
with the exception of a few older buildings. The city's power infrastructure is on the
brink. Random aftershocks still exist from the quake. The city's power is
distributed by transmission towers and 2 main cores built into the city's
two biggest skyscrapers. Two groups of milita are determined to take
control of them...


Thanks to MarZer for his help with his DWeather package.


Build Time: 	Approx. 4 weeks

Players:	4-10


Usage:		Install DWeather files (included) .. then place the map 
		in your UT2004/Maps folder :)


Legal Stuff:

Feel free to distribute this map anyway you wish, except for profit.
All that I ask is that this original distribution is left intact in full.


Enjoy!....Relic (aka Joe Unik)

CONTACT : relics_ut@hotmail.com

2004 Server online in ONS - The Reliquary [TR]


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