ONS-Urban Strike

Well, what a nice map :) I put it into my maps folder and loaded it up.. and I waited... and waited. Then it came on :) First thing i notice...


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Well, what a nice map :) I put it into my maps folder and loaded it up.. and I waited... and waited. Then it came on :) First thing i noticed was the framerate. One word. Terrible. The detail is excellent and quite frankly this map looks and feels brilliant, but the FPS sucks. Bad FPS =game lag. Which is a huge disappointment because the rest of this map is quite simply stunning. The only thing i can suggest is to perhaps get a city skybox, so that it seems larger? :) The map itself is for Onslaught, and there are powernodes and teleporters. The cool thing is the teleporters. You see, they look exactly like the nodes, so at a first try I found myselft ending up of roofs when all i wanted was to get a powernode! Its annoying at first but servers as a nice feature once you get to recognise them. I believe they're colour coded too. So yeah, theres also a train/monorail track running around the arena, with lots of tanks and raptors to mess around in. Perhaps next time you could improve FPS and make a monorail actually go around thet track? That would be awesome :D

What else can I say - I'm disappointed about the FPS, because this makes it hard to play online, and yes I do have a decent GFX card. Apart from that though this map is amazing, although it is a little smaller ingame that it seems in the screenshots. :(

~Szico VII~

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Download 'onsurbanstrikes.zip' (7.44MB)

Title                   :Urban Strike
Version                 :1.0
Release Date            :April 9th, 2004
Filename                :ONS-UrbanStrike.ut2
Author(s)               :Chris Hoopes
Email Address           :chris@yodzilla.com
website                 :http://www.yodzilla.com

Where to get this map   :http://www.yodzilla.com
Other levels by author  :

UT2004:			ONS-UrbanStrike

UT2003:			DM-Enchanted
			BR-Rigorous (not released, history)

Unreal, Unreal Tournament: 
			Too many to keep track of and none "officially" released.  
			Mainly made for buddies of mine. 

Playtesters             :Steve, Lenny, fellows of Marine Corps Assualt 	unit
			(www.mcau.com), the fellows in the unrealtournament.com 
			forums and CliffyB.

			A huge thanks to all involved!

--- Play Information ---
Game                    :Unreal Tournament 2004
Level Name              :ONS-UrbanStrike
Single Player           :w/bots (better watch out, they smart)

New Sounds              :No
New Textures            :No
New StaticMeshes/Models	:No
NewUnrealScript         :No

HighDetail settings	:No

Know bugs		:E-mail me if you find any please!
Recommended players     :6 to 14 players

--- Construction ---
Editor used             :UnrealED 3
Construction Time       :3 weeks

Place ONS-UrbanStrike.ut2 file in the UT2004/Maps directory

Extended description:
In order to acquire real estate for the upcoming tournament,
the Liandri corporation lowered property values in cities by provoking local
gangs to attack one another.   The vacant urban setting came as ready made arenas
saving Liandri a fortune in building costs.

Author's Notes
Have fun and report any bugs, questions, or comments to chris@yodzilla.com

Copyright / Permissions
This level is copyright Chris Hoopes, 2004

Authors may use this level or pieces therein for their own works by
permission only. If you wish to include it in any packs, also
let me know. All it takes is an e-mail...

You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this level, i.e. put it on a CD
or any other electronic medium that is sold for money without my explicit

You MAY distribute this level through any electronic network (internet,
FIDO, local BBS etc.), provided you include this file and leave the archive


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