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Onslaught Resources
Version: Beta 1.0
Compatibility: Requires UT2004 v3236


“Onslaught Resources” introduces a new Gametype to UT 2004.
This Gametype is a modification of the well known Gametype “Onslaught”. In contrast to “Onslaught”
no Vehicles will spawn at a Powernode when a Team has it under control. But of course Players can
get them. They start each round with an amount of Credits and will get additional Credits for fragging
enemies, headshots, first blood event and so on. In addition to that every Player gets 5 credits every
10 seconds for each Powernode (and the Powercore) his Team has under control.
At each Powernode you can excess the menu for node-teleporting. This menu includes a new tab which let
you buy the vehicles that would be available at this node if you would play “Onslaught”.
To prevent Players from destructing your expensive vehicles to easily the AVRiL rocket launcher is only
available at Weapon-Lockers in exchange for credits.


Praetorian - Programming/Texturing/Testing
Cadderly   - Testing



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