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Try to survive through a hellish town filled with flesh-hungry zombies in the Out Of Hell Demo for Unreal Tournament 2004!


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Try to survive through a hellish town filled with flesh-hungry zombies in the Out Of Hell Demo for Unreal Tournament 2004!

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Download 'out_of_hell_demo.zip' (152.68MB)

Out Of Hell (Demo Version)

Website: http://www.outofhell.net
Creator: Long Nguyen
Contact: [email protected]


- Unreal Tournament 2004 Game installed
- Unreal Tournament 2004 'Patch 3355' installed
(Previous/later patch versions have NOT been tested)



Out Of Hell is a horror-themed, Single-Player Total Conversion for Unreal Tournament 2004.
You take on the role of several characters who are trying to survive a demonic invasion from Hell.

The demo version of Out Of Hell includes:

- 1 zombie-infested level
- 2 firearms (Pistol/Shotgun)
- 2 close-range weapons (Utility Axe/Crowbar)
- 4 pages of story

The full version will feature:

- More zombies/more monsters
- 11 melee weapons and 6 firearms
- 12+ atmospheric levels
- A deep and disturbing storyline spanning over 12 chapters



By default, I've set 'Out_Of_Hell.ini' AND 'Out_Of_HellUser.ini to be 'read-only' files. Make sure you uncheck 'read-only' in the file properties in order to save your config changes in-game!


The following bugs exist but will be addressed later:


- Changing configuration/visual settings in-game can cause some settings in 'Out_Of_HellUser.ini'to reset, namely the 'HUD Opacity' and 'HUD Scaling', resulting in disappearing 'Ammo' and 'Health' count icons.

To fix this, simply locate this line in your 'Out_Of_HellUser.ini':


and replace it with this:


One possible solution before a fix is officially applied is that you do a test run and configure your settings in-game. When satisfied, simply exit to windows using the 'windows key' and set the 'Out_Of_Hell.ini' AND 'Out_Of_HellUser.ini' to be 'read-only' files, making sure the changes described above are in place. (The HUD Scale/Opacity) Exit 'Out Of Hell' and the new changes will be applied the next time you play.


- Starting 'Out Of Hell' from within UT2004's 'community' mods option will cause the game to crash.


- If sound does not work in-game, go to configuration/audio and make sure the 'System Driver' box is checked.


'Out Of Hell' is copyright 2005, Long Nguyen. 'Unreal Warfare' engine is property of 'Epic Games'.

- You MAY NOT use/alter any of the assets (textures/graphics/models/animations/sounds) packaged with 'Out Of Hell' or the 'Out Of Hell Demo' for a map, mod, total conversion or project. Countless hours have gone into bringing 'Out Of hell' to life and I sincerely ask that you follow this simple request.

- You MAY use the code contained in 'Out_Of_Hell.u' if you need. Though it's messy, it may help anyone interested in coding single-player games. The code is open-source.

- The 'OoH_Installation' and 'OoH_README' text files must remain un-altered and included with the Out Of Hell demo.

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