Another great addition for your favorite game is in town. It´s Popo, by Hide. It comes with three different versions (no shield, half shield, full shield) and 4 teamcolors.



This model for Unreal Tournament 2004.

<<< Popo >>>

He is a Gen Mo'Kai? who is not like Gen Mo'Kai.

Gen Mo'Kai seems to be a humanoid like small-size dinosaur with low-tech equipment.

However, he is based on a large-size dinosaur with high-tech equipment.
But, he is like a &quot;poposaurus&quot;(enormous ancient crocodile which was walking around by 2 legs).
Poposaurus is classified as an &quot;ancient reptile&quot; not a &quot;dinosaur&quot;.

He is more like a slim Godzilla with long mouth, though.

He does not belong to Gen Mo'Kai actually. 

This equipment is the trial product which gave the system of &quot;KouRyuu&quot; to armor. 
So, this resembles &quot;KouRyuuC&quot;(production model of &quot;KouRyuu&quot;) and &quot;Tyrant&quot;.  
And, also colors of equipment are same as &quot;KouRyuuC&quot; and &quot;Tyrant&quot;.

3339 patch or later is required.

3 model and 1 skin with 4 team colors are included.
(There are three kinds from which the state of an energy-shield differs.)

Auther: Hide    2006/2/1

Modeling: LightWave 8.3
Constructing PSK: MilkShape 1.7.6
Skining: Photoshop 6.0
Packing UKX: UnrealED 3.0

Polygons: 4759
Textures: 3x1024x1024 5x512x512 3x256x512 6x256x256
Team Color Support: Yes (4 team colors)
Custom Animations: Yes (But most of animations are used from the default skaarj model. Some new custom animations only)
Custom Sounds: No (But modified &quot;Alien male&quot; voice is included)
Custom Karma: No

To install, just copy the

POPOAnim.ukx     file to UT2004's Animations folder
POPO.upl         file to UT2004's System folder
XPOPO.int        file to UT2004's System folder
SPECIES_Popo.u   file to UT2004's System folder
POPO.utx         file to UT2004's Texture folder

As for this model, use of &quot;custom species&quot; is the requisite.
Because, this model uses more than 2 skin-materials like &quot;Xan&quot;.
But, some skin-effects (like &quot;invisible combo&quot;) have a issue that is effective in just 2 skin-materials only.
This custom spesies contains the fix of that issue.

And, there is an addition. 
If you use &quot;Species statistics&quot; mutator...

He has both of Gen Mo'Kai's speed and and Juggernauts's defense.
Gen Mo'Kai can move faster, but their defense is weak.
Juggernauts's defense is strong, but they move slowly.

So, Popo has faultless powerful statistics. 
(However, Popo is slower(ground speed=1.2) than Gen Mo'Kai(1.4) and Tyrant(1.5)).

Defense strength(received damage scaling) is different by each model.
No energy-shield = 0.7
Left side only   = 0.6
Both sides       = 0.5

And, he is very heavy.
If you shoot him by ShockRifle, he is not much flipped off.

His ability is a little lower than Tyrant on the ground.
However, he is a kind of crocodile.
He shows high performance under water.

And, he has 2 special ability.
He can shoot &quot;atomic-ray&quot; like Godzilla.
It is a &quot;RocketLauncher&quot; type weapon, but very powerful.

However, it consumes &quot;200 health&quot; instead of ammo!!
But, his &quot;SuperHealthMax&quot; is 199. It can not be used in the normal condition. 
But, he has 1 more special ability.
Popo can absorb 100% of &quot;Redeemer&quot; type damage.
And, as long as in this case, he can store the health exceeding &quot;SuperHealthMax&quot;, almost limitless. 
If you shoot him by &quot;Redeemer&quot; and it hits him directly, he will get &quot;1500 health&quot; instead of damage!!

To shoot &quot;atomic-ray&quot;, you need to add a &quot;key assign&quot; to &quot;User.ini&quot; in UT2004's System folder.
Please assign &quot;Taunt SpecialAbility&quot; to the key which is vacant in &quot;[Engine.Input]&quot; in &quot;User.ini&quot;. 
(Same as my &quot;Abyss&quot; model's black hole).

For example...

NumPad1=Taunt SpecialAbility

...then, if you press [1] key of numpad, you can shoot &quot;atomic-ray&quot;.

Atomic-ray will be shot when &quot;SpecialAbility&quot; animation is done. However, it will be aborted, if this animation is interrupted by another animation. For example, you take damage by enemy.

<<< Known issue >>>

His energy-shields have team clolor.
However, it can not be seen in the player selection view.

<<< To use this on-line >>>

With the 3339 patch or later, custom species mod can be used on-line, if the server is set to allow it.

This model can not use without the custom species because of using 3rd material for team color.

*** Since he is too powerful that it breaks game balance, be careful of use on-line. ***

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