Rackmire wallpapers



a friend sent me these on msn and I haven't seen these anywhere else or on google which means this file is an exclusive my friend made me one out of the 3 screenshots I sent him




..::Rackmire Productions::.. Publish Date: 26/8/2004
All these wallpapers are trademark designs from Rackmire, Unreal characters
were used from in-game screenshots from friends such as Oliax, Fan art kit from www.unrealtournament2004.com 
and other imagery from DVDGamer November 2003 Issue disc.

Please use the wallpapers as you please to edit, but DON'T publish your edited version
without consulting me, (Gavin Brooks) AKA [-DG-]Scout109. You may use it for your personal use,
as long as your version isn't transferred to other computers. I will know, as everything gets
passed to each pc within time. :P

I'd like to say thanks to you for choosing to download my wallpapers, all the help, support or
guidance would be most welcome if I could get your feed-back. If i have good reviews or 
special thanks from people then I'm sure to make new ones.

Rackmire is my own company (free - service at the moment). One man company of my own work published to the web.
Rackmire has one old site, but a new site is in the making.
I am 17 years old, playing, designing and talking my way through my internet life.:D
I will be most happy to design you "free" art work for forum sigs, web banners anything related to your gaming life etc.
Just give me a "shout". ;)

Please send me emails for any bugs, errors, support etc as this is my personal email and will be read once every 2days.
You will be replied to by me personally, or if you would like to talk on MSN then you may add me.

  [email protected] 


Gavin Brooks, AKA [-DG-]Scout109
  ..::Rackmire Productions::..

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