Random Weapon Swap 2K4



A cool mutator, select the weapons yo use and that includes customs too, start the game and all the selected weapons will spawn randomly in different slots. (>^_^)>



Random Weapon Swap v1.0
Mutator for UT2004
Created by Mysterial ([email protected])

To install the .ut4mod version, open RandWeaponSwap.ut4mod, which should open the UT2004 installer.
To install the manual .zip version, extract it to your UT2004\System folder. By default that's C:\UT2004\System.

This mutator randomly swaps the weapons in the level for other weapons. It then converts the ammo in the level to the appropriate types for the weapons that have been spawned.

The configuration menu allows you to choose what weapons may be swapped in. Note that if "Include Weapons in Level as Choices" is checked, these are IN ADDITION to the weapons already in the level. For example, if you select the Shock Rifle and the Bio Rifle in the configuration menu and then play on DM-Gael, the weapons that will be chosen from will be the Rocket Launcher, Lightning Gun, Shock Rifle, and Bio Rifle.

-If you run this mutator on a server, you do not need to send it to the client. However, the clients MUST have the packages for ALL weapons the mutator can choose from. In other words, if you use this mutator on a server with custom weapons in the Weapon Database, you must make sure the clients have the packages for ALL such custom weapons (via ServerPackages).

Combine this mutator with my Random Item Placement mutator for total randomized mayhem! :-)

If you want to make your new weapons show up in the weapons database (and thus be detected by this mutator) you must create a .ucl file. To do this, open a command prompt inside your UT2004\System folder, and run ucc exportcache on your package file. For example, if your package is named MyCoolWeapon.u, you would run:

ucc exportcache MyCoolWeapon.u

You can find the latest version of Random Weapon Swap and the rest of my mods at http://www.error691.com/mysterial/UTMods.htm

Feel free to discuss this mod on my forums at http://www.error691.com/mysterial/cgi-bin/forum/index.php or email me.

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