Raptor 2004

Another sweet Fisk model.

Looks really nice in game.


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Another sweet Fisk model.

Looks really nice in game.

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Download 'raptor2004.zip' (7.05MB)

Handle: Slyrr
E-Mail: gregfisk@comcast.net
website: http://home.comcast.net/~gregfisk/
This model was created and distributed by Greg Fisk (see above) and may not be duplicated, altered or otherwise ripped off without the author's express written consent - blah blah blah.

Special Features:
Custom sounds added for idle and taunt animations (and they're lip synched!)
Custom ragdoll
Special themed team colors (fire and ice)
Jurassic Park sound pack (with distinctive cries for attacking, distress and summoning)
All Original animations + eye blinks, jaws, tongue & claws

Updated from last release:
Improved left/right walks
Added SKELETON raptor for disintigration deaths
Gibs now work without affecting ability to join on line games

Deinonychus Saevus: (dyn-ON-ik-us) PLAYER MODEL FOR UT2004 (v. 1.3):

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