Red Eyes v2/Assassin

Here's more Red Eyes skins, but with a greater variety of colors and fixed UPL files.


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Here's more Red Eyes skins, but with a greater variety of colors and fixed UPL files.

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well with my last skin, red eyes, i found it was more of a success than i thought it would be
then when i was in bed, i realised that the .upl files werent how i wanted them
the default red eyes didnt have his body texture and i forgot to post the files with their bio's
i finally came up with a new name and how to post it
so i made all these new skins with the correct .upl
to contact me, download xfire from and add darthpineapple to ur friend list
well thanks to the 2 people in my clan: sniperx and jayjack
jayjack for encouracing me and sniperx for inspiration on upaint (i never wanted to try before coz it looked way too hard)

by the way i renamed it Assassin

open up: C/UT2004/System and delete: RedEyes - Red Team.upl
				     RedEyes - Blue Team.upl
	 C/UT2004/Textures and delete RedTex.utx

open C/UT2004 and drag & drop the files to the correct folders:

AssassinTex.utx in Textures

Assassin.upl in system

Place these files in C/Program Files/Right Hemisphere/uPaint/Characters

BlueAssassinBody.upt		GreyAssassinBody.upt
BlueAssassinHead.upt		GreyAssassinHead.upt
BronzeAssassinBody.upt	        OrangeAssassinBody.upt
BronzeAssassinHead.upt		OrangeAssassinHead.upt
DarkAssassinBody.upt		PinkAssassinBody.upt
DarkAssassinHead.upt		PinkAssassinHead.upt
GoldAssassinBody.upt		PurpleAssassinBody.upt
GoldAssassinHead.upt		PurpleAssassinHead.upt
GreenAssassinBody.upt		RedAssassinBody.upt
GreenAssassinHead.upt		RedAssassinHead.upt
SilverAssassinBody.upt		SilverAssassinHead.upt
SkyAssassinBody.upt		SkyAssassinHead.upt
YellowAssassinBody.upt		YellowAssassinHead.upt


this skin pack includes 13 skins

well enjoy guys

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