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No life was untouched by the Great War of the 20th century. Young men from lands across the globe were thrust into deadly battle ag...


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No life was untouched by the Great War of the 20th century. Young men from lands across the globe were thrust into deadly battle against one another. For some, it was a mission of global domination. For others, it was in defense of their homeland. For all, it was a struggle that would define the course of modern civilization.

Choose your allegiance and prepare for the most intense PC multiplayer combat experience. Red Orchestra puts you on the front lines of the Eastern conflict of World War II. Take up arms with your Soviet comrades, or fall in line with the German army and battle over the precious lands of the European theatre.

Fight your way through crumbling cities, resonating with the deafening sounds of battle. Immerse yourself in breathtaking recreations of real-world inspired locales. Communicate strategies with your team members.

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3.1 Change Log - 13 Nov 2004

 Unzip the contents of this zip to your UT2004 directory. 

*Running the game
 Click the Play_RedOrchestra.bat file in the UT2004\System directory.
 Alternately, you may create a shortcut to RedOrchestra by creating a shortcut
 to UT2004 and adding the -mod=RedOrchestra commandline parameter.

*Content Changes:
- Added many new map static meshes
- New menus cleaned up and organized
- Added weapon pictures into the Role selection menu.
- New high-detailed model for the first person halftrack MG34 and MG shield
- New HUD for all vehicles with an O’clock system
- Added KV1s Russian tank
- Added Panther tank
- Added Zis transport truck
- Updated Panzer IV tank
- Updated Halftrack transport
- Updated T34 Tank
- Added high detail interiors to vehicles
- Added vehicle specific destroyed meshes
- Many skin tweaks
- New weapon Russian PTRD, Anti-Tank single shot rifle

*Game Changes:
- Updated the Russian AT role with PTRD

- Added a legend to the objectives screen

- Increased panzer grenadier load out from 2 to 3 Panzerfausts.

- Improved all hit detection. There were many instances where the 
upper body would go outside of the main UT collision detection and
not be able to detect hits. This has been fixed by the new collision

- Vastly improved prone hit detection. No longer are prone players
represented by a small cylinder the size of their torso. The new
collision system can now detect bullet hits on both the head and 

- Fixed players standing up when shot while prone.

- Fixed a problem where all locational hit detection was not working 

- Created a new collision system for detecting bullet hits
for areas of the player's body outside of the main UT 
collision. This opens up a myriad of possibilities, as
many things considered impossible before are now possible.

- Overhauled the bullet effect system. Bullet hit effects have been 
moved client side to allow much more robust and dependable effects. 
Ballistics rounds are now simulated for clients to allow more robust 
and dependable effects as well.

- Rewrote the majority of the bullet firing system to be more effective,
use less server CPU power, and to work more reliably. Short range 
shots will use straight line traces, and shots that are beyond the 
range where ballistics are needed will spawn the standard ballistic 
bullet round. This can prevent hundreds of actors a second from 
needing to be spawned in CQB battles which could bog down the server.

- Rewrote the way artillery position saving works. Each platoon 
commander or panzer commander can now each designate a
different set of artillery coordinates on their map. Prevents 
someone else from changing your artillery coordinates after
you designate them.

- New "Rally Point" feature. Commander can use their binoculars
to designate a rally point. Their whole team can see this rally
point on the map, and it can be used to coordinate attacks.
To designate a rally point, press alt-fire while using binoculars. 

- When the commander sets a rally point, their team is notified
to check their overhead maps. This is limited by a value set by
the mapper so it cannot be spammed.

- Artillery can no longer be called on properly set up spawn area

- Added "No Arty Volumes" for mappers to designate areas as
off limits for artillery. This may be used to prevent artillery from
being called when aimed at the sky as well.

- The Artillery radio now gives you much more useful information.
This info includes reasons why your strike was denied: Out of 
artillery strikes, requested a strike too soon, etc.

- Added many new mapper-configurable features. New settings
include: Dispersion, Battery Size, and Number of Salvos.

- Reduced the satchel kill/damage radius by 2/3.

- Added mapper configurable satchel charge limits. There are
two new variables in ROLevelInfo, AxisSatchelsPerSapper
and AlliedSatchelsPerSapper. These will control how many
satchels each sides's sappers will spawn with. Default is 1.

- Added proper Panzerfaust penetration/deflection. Uses the
same advanced penetration/deflection system the tank
shells use. Panzerfaust have high penetration up close
but that penetration quickly diminishes over 100m.

*Vehicle Changes:
- Vehicles Display Passenger Names

- Tank cannon scope now properly rotates with the angle the tank is at

- All exposed players in vehicles are vulnerable to firearms

- New "passenger" system for transport vehicles. Passengers now
sit in the back of the transport. They not longer get killed just
from riding in the back.

- New position switching for tank commanders. Tank commanders
can now switch between different position by using next/prev weapon keys 
- New Tank damage system. Uses factors such as armor thickness,
shell velocity, shell penetration power, and the angle that the shell 
hits the tank armor to calculate penetration. Each tank gun has its
own penetration values, and each of the four sides of the tank has
its own armor value. Shell that impact at shallow angles with 
insufficient penetration force will just bounce off.

- Added new code to detect specific hit points on vehicles.
Currently used to detection hits to the drivers, tank
commanders, and the engine areas. Very precise detection.
If a tanks armor is penetrated and the shell hits the 
engine, the tank is destroyed. 

- Added a Tread damage system. Treads may now be damaged if
hit by a tank shells, PTRD round, panzerfaust rounds, and 
certain types of explosion. You must hit very low on the 
side of the tank to damage the treads. If treads are 
damaged, the tank will no longer move.

- Aiming direction icon for the tank commander. There is now
a translucent "ghost" image of the turret on the tank HUD
icon to display which direction you are attempting to aim 
the gun. 

- Small arms can now properly damage transports. Aim for the 
engine area for increased damage. It takes many shots to 
take out a transort with small arms.

- Added all new turret code. When viewing through the scope, the camera
will stick to the turrets rotation. When in the cuppola or hatch 
position, the player will rotate normally.

- Added enhanced support for clan/tournament matches as
requested by many server admins. Added: Players must be
ready, Net Wait, and Min Net Players

Min Net Players:
The match will not begin until the number of players
set are on the server. If set to zero, it will act
like it always has, with the game starting as soon as
a player joins the server. If set to > 0, the match
will not begin until that number of players are on the
server. For instance, if you have a 5 on 5 clan match,
you can set the MinNetPlayers to 10, and the match will
not start until all ten players are on the server. This
may also be used in conjunction with Players Must Be Ready.
You can set Players Must Be Ready to true, and 
MinNetPLayers to 10, for your clan match. Then the match
would not start until all ten poeple are there, and 
have thier team, role, and weapon selected. 

Net Wait:
If set to zero, the game will act like it always has
starting as soon as the player has selected their 
side, role, and weapon. If a value is entered here, 
this is how long, in seconds, that the game will wait 
to start the match, regardless of any other value. For
example, say you are running a clan match, and you want
to wait 2 minutes before you start the match to get 
everyone ready. Set NetWait to 120 seconds, and the 
game will wait that long before starting the match.

*Map Changes:
New Map Jucha
The Jucha parish, East Prussia - August 2nd, 1944. The
Separate NKVD Airborne Company of the 1st Ukrainian
Front drop behind the German front line near the river
Wada in support of 69 Army's flank drive against 4 Panzer
Army. They scramble to destroy infrastructure and hamper
the German response by attacking bridges, defensive
installations and supply caches.

New Map Barashka (Vehicle battle)
On 25th January, 5th SS Panzer Division “Wiking”, on the
right flank of the German drive, attempted to punch across
the river at a rail and road crossing north of the small town
of Barashka. They ran straight into the Soviet 23rd Tank
Corps. Featuring T34, Panther, KV1 and PanzerIV tanks.

New Map Hedgehog
Somewhere in the Ukraine, June 28, 1944:
In late June 1944, the Soviets launched Operation
Bagration to destroy the German Army Group Centre
in Belorussia, north of the Pripyat Marshes, around
Mogilev, Minsk and Vitebsk. The operation was well
planned and well executed, with the Germans being
heavily over-matched.

New Map Kharkov (Featuring infantry/vehicle battle)
On the 19th February 1943, the Germans had started a
counter-offensive - von Manstein’s famous “backhand 
blow”. The Soviets were caught off guard, many elements
being surrounded and cut off. The SS-PanzerKorps under
Hausser took the opportunity to retake the city, having
passed by it to the North. 

New Map Red God of War
Operation Mars: Tsitsina, November 1942
Operation Mars was planned as a sister operation to Saturn,
the counterattack at Stalingrad. Having sat in the Rzhev salient
for almost a year, the german defenders were well entrenched
and had ample mobile reserves. The result was a disaster for
the soviets. This map is based on a night attack by the 35th
Mechanized Brigade against the 2nd Luftwaffe Field Division.

Updated Diewalkure
- Fixed the NoArtyVolumes to synch up with the spawn volumes.
- Added the AT role.

Updated Kharlovka
- Removed PF pickups
- Added AT roles
- Removed obsolete static mashes with high poly-count
- Added a river in the dry river bed
- Dropped the entire first two soviet spawns.
- Added a “one time” spawn for the soviets near the left bridge.
This spawn is in effect until the first obstacle on the left bridge
is blown or the last obstacle on the right bridge is blown.
- Added a new objective at the farm that sits about mid-point
between the river and the rear objectives.
- Soviets now spawn at this farm once the obstacles are blown.
- Once the bridge is capped, the Soviets drop back to the rear spawn area.
The Germans spawn at the bridge as before, added 1 tank to the mix.
- Once the Germans capture the new farm objective, they spawn there. 
- Fixed up the ridge around the rear train building to provide a bit more
cover for troops approaching this objective.
- Eliminated lots and lots of projectors (from 198 to 5) but worked out a
new method of retaining crisp tree shadows. Saves 30k rendered on
- Tweaked emitters slightly.
- Added cull-distances to a lot of meshes to help reduce overdraw / triangle counts. 
- Re-made the antiportals and added BSP to occlude network code. 
- Modified terrain in some places and added AntiPortals / BSP to help occlusion.

Updated Moscow Highway
- All sappers now have 1 satchel each
- Added/linked NoArtilleryVolumes to their spawns
- Relocated axis first radio
- Set axis number of artillery calls to 4 instead of 5
- Added second route towards village
- Added a new sky
- Limited Sapper role (4 now, hoping sappers will have 1 satchel each in the near future)
- Added some cover here and there
- Closed off gaps to parts of the map that should not be accessible

Updated Ponyri
- Ponyri's spawn and objective layout changed and revised. 
- Trench warfare while artillery shells crater the landscape around it.
- Russians have one initial (one time) forward spawn at the AT.
- Second Russian spawn is in village house, used after round has commenced.
- Third Russian spawn is moved to the small pond (balance reasons), and they 
spawn there after loosing mortars and AT.
- Axis spawn has moved way up to the actual west of the map
- Axis second forward spawn gets activated when both mortars and AT are capped
- Added objective manage, the village is only activated after mortars and AT 
are taken by Germans. 
- New smoke emitters added
- Lifted some of the terrain in mortar trenches
- Widened the house main doors, since it's now a spawn-point for Russians
- Enlarged the village objective area
-Relocated some of the artillery radio's

Updated Berlin
- Fixed a section of terrain that was missing in a building near 
the soviet exit onto the long street.
- Increased the German reinforcement level from 180 to 210
- Plugged as many of the terrain exploit holes as we could find
- Replaced the Katyusha wreck with a new T34/85 wreck
- Changed a brush in the ‘stag from semi-solid to solid
- Replaced the existing skybox

Updated Kalinin
- Added Zis trucks
- Changed spawn protection volumes and values
- Added 2At class allies, 4 AT class Axis (left the PF pickup in though)
- Redone all NoArty volumes and attached them to their spawns
- Widened infantry spawn exits to prevent blocking by players
- Set arty interval to 1 minute and battery size to 15
- Set HT and Zis truck spawn-limit to 100

Updated Rostov
- New objective layout

Updated Kaukasus
- Spawns at Russian cellars are wider in order to prevent blocking on ff-off servers

Updated KrasnyiOktyabr
- Reworked breaking glass emitters for better performance. 
- Added small visual updates
- Many more Optimizations

Updated Spartakovka
- Fixed bulletproof balcony

*Audio Changes:
- New Russian artillery radio voices
- Boosted grenade sound volume
- Increased the volume of bullet hit effects 300%
- Fixed a problem with artillery where zooming sounds were not being 
played in the correct location. This lead to them essentially never
being heard.
- Added death screams
- Added new artillery zooming and explosion sounds
- Artillery explosions should now attenuate correctly (getting quieter
as you get farther away).
- Added Tank specific Sounds
- Fixed a problem with artillery explosion sounds only playing 3 of 4 
random sounds.
- Added 3D Directional Bullet whiz
- New Kar98 fire sound
- New Luger fire sound
- New PPD40 fire sound
- New C96 fire sound
- New G43 fire sound
- New SVT40 fire sound
- New Grenade explosion sound
- Louder grenade ‘bounce’ Sound
- New MG34 fire sound
- Tweaked MP40 fire sound
- New PPS43 fire sound
- New PPSH41 fire sound
- Tweaked STG44 fire sound
- New TT33 fire sound
- New WaltherP38 fire sound
- Added many new ambience sounds for mappers
- New Step sounds
- Bullet hit sounds will now play with every bullet hit

*Minor Changes and Fixes:
- New in-game menu code. The game now remembers your selection, and there
is no longer a need to re-select your role after you die
- Fixed a typo in the menus "Seconary Weapon"
- Fixed (hopefully) the infinite zoom bug
- New Loading Screens
- Many Net Code changes to reduce server CPU usage and Lag

*Known Issues:
- If a destroyable static mesh is scaled in the editor, 
it may not appear right online
- Players don't regain stamina while driving vehicles
- “zombie” skinned players still occur
- “Umbrella” single hand held weapons

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