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After the fun of showing Red Orchestra 3.2 at GDC and E3, Tripwire Intera...


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After the fun of showing Red Orchestra 3.2 at GDC and E3, Tripwire Interactive is happy to bring you the next installment of Red Orchestra: Combined Arms. The new features in Release 3.3, as always, come from listening to the players and testers - here are some of the highlights for you:

- A unique player momentum system, giving an ever-more lifelike feel to movement within the game. The player doesn't just stop and start instantly, but takes a moment to get moving, or to stop.

- An item that has long been on the request list: different speeds depending on the direction of movement. The player now slows when strafing or moving backwards, for added realism.

- Improved AI for the bots operating vehicles: the driver will stop and go when ordered - and you can order the bots out of the vehicle if you want it all to yourself!

- One beautiful new map, never seen before: Baksan Valley - see screenshots below!

- With full access to the UT engine, we have been able to throw in some major rendering optimizations. This is showing an improvement of up to 40% in frame-rates on lower-end CPUs. Additionally, a number of the maps have been further optimized for improved performance.

- Vehicle movement has been improved: the brakes on tanks now hold the tank from rolling down shallow hills - and they won't "spin" so easily!

On top of this, there is a whole bunch of tweaks and amendments to weapon recoil, audibility of footsteps and breathing, regaining of stamina - and many others besides! For the full list, download the new Release and look at the full change log in the readme.

We're looking forward to seeing you on the servers again, for yet more hard-core Eastern Front combat - to your weapons!!

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Download '' (63.12MB)

RO Beta 3.3 Changelog

 Unzip the contents of this zip to your UT2004 directory. 

*Running the game
 Click the Play_RedOrchestra.bat file in the UT2004\System
 directory. Alternately, you may create a shortcut to 
 RedOrchestra by creating a shortcut to UT2004 and adding
 the -mod=RedOrchestra commandline parameter.


- New player movement system. Players now have acceleration
  and momentum. Players take a little time to accelerate
  to full speed and a little time to slow down. This is 
  especially apparent when strafing as the player can no 
  longer instantly change strafing directions due to pushing
  against their own momentum. 

- New directional movement speed system. The player moves
  slower while strafing and moves very slow while walking

- Bots will now listen to vehicle voice commands in a very
  rudimentary fashion. Bots will actually stop the vehicle
  when ordered to stop. They will then continue on their way
  if given any other movement command. They do not follow 
  direct movement commands however. 

- Bots can now be ordered to get out of a vehicle and they
  will leave.

- New map BaksanValley.  


- Rendering optimizations. Optimizations were made that can
  speed up rendering from 15-40% depending upon the users 
  machine. These optimizations should be particularly 
  helpful for users with lower end CPUs. There were general
  optimizations and specific optimizations for when lots of
  players or vehicles are on the screen. 

- Optimized StalingradKessel and Kharkov for better server-
  side performance. 

- Optimized StalingradKessel for better client-side 

- Made tweaks to the SMGs. Recoil was not working properly
  on the MP40, and this has been fixed. Additionally, the 
  recoil values for all SMGs have been tweaked to more 
  accurately represent their real world recoil.  

- Made some minor tweaks that will cause the player to move
  more smoothly online during laggy conditions. 

- Increased the radius that footsteps can be heard. Players
  will now have to be more tactful when trying to sneak up
  on people.

- Decreased the volume of the player's breathing and the
  distance it can be heard. 

- Players will now make quiet footstepping sounds when 
  crouched or walking slowly. 

- Made changes to the motion blur system. The blur effect 
  duration and the distance at which it effects players 
  has been reduced. Additionally, cover (such as walls) 
  will now reduce the blur effect much more than before. 

- Reduced the amount of SMG roles on StalingradKessel

- Tanks should no longer continue to roll down shallow 
  hills after the tank stops.

- Breathing sounds from stamina loss now play sooner to 
  give the player a better idea of their stamina level.

- Players now regain stamina any time they are not 
  sprinting. They regain stamina very slowly if they are
  moving while standing and quickly if they are not moving
  or if they are crouched or prone. 

- Tweaked directional movement speeds. Directional movement
  speed is now adjusted for eight way movement instead of
  just 4 way movement. This means the players speed is split
  between the strafing and full forward speed when strafing
  while moving forward. This also means players no longer
  move faster while walking backward and strafing. 

- Moved the 'Weapon shot out of hand' message down

- Fixed a map exploit on the map Danzig. 

- Fixed a bug where a grenade that appeared to be thrown
  would actually blow up the player throwing it a few moments
  after they threw the grenade. 

- Fixed a bug where in rare instances ( < 10% of the time ) 
  rifles and semi-automatic rifles would fire where the rifle
  recoiled, not where it was aimed.

- Fixed a problem where tanks were not braking properly
  and the tank would spin sideways when using the brake 

- Fixed the spelling of Panzerbesatzung in the role menu.

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