Relic's Custom Emitters Pack #1

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TechniqueBalanceFun FactorCreativityGameplay
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(N/A)KouenUnrealEd 2.0

Included in here, we've got a few effect files for mappers to use in UnrealEd. Frankly, can't say I'm proficient enough in UnrealEd to use these myself, but they may be handy to you guys.

There's two smoke effects, a jumppad effect, and a teleporter effect. Nifty stuff.

In other news... Woot! Our very first file in the Resource Packs category. :)

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Relic's Custom Emitters Pack #1

Author: Joe 'Relic' Unik
Email :
Web   :



A small set of emitters that I have made over the past
months.  I just wanted to share these with the rest of the
UT community...mappers use these to your liking :)



You can really put these .emt files anywhere, but I would
suggest placing them in your ut2004/system folder.  In UnrealED
simply add an emitter to your level.  Next open the Particle
Editor in the Tools menu. Once the Particle Editor is open, you
can click on the 'load emitter' button and voila, the emitter
settings are applied to the emitter actor in your map. Feel
free to modify these any way you wish.  Included are various
smoke effects, and teleporter / jumppad effects.


No known bugs :)  enjoy, more to come soon!


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