Remote Strike 2004



This is a review on the UT2004 mod: Remote Strike 2004. The mod is incredibly easy to use, as when starting a match, simply go into “Mutators” and its there! When I first started to play with the guns on Onslaught I was fairly surprised to hear “tacky” sounds when I fire, they aren’t as clear as the ones that came with Unreal Tournament. However the looks of all the guns are really graphical, no pixels or un-clearness, they look as good as the default ones. Even so when firing with some of the bigger weapons, I found my character being forced backwards from the force, making it almost impossible to run and fire, as you go as slow as a slug!

If you stand still and fire, you get your gun going up in the air, and to the right, so it makes aiming hard as well. The red target is a good idea; it makes the hard aiming a little easier. The icons at the bottom of the screen, from where you choose what weapon you want to use, are all out of place, the Pistol is to the left of the box, and the big guns or the weapon with the Knife, the icons are far too big, and take up about 1 and a half boxes, making the whole thing hard to see.

On certain weapons the ammo icon with the amount of ammo underneath, is chopped off the screen, and is very un-clear to see. The very good thing about this mod is the fact that it doesn’t make your game laggy in anyway. The actual idea of the weapons included are very good, they all have a strong secondary fire, and take away a proper amount of health, so they are not instant kills. The left click fire is about the same power as the default weapons, if not a little more or less, making things a little different, therefore creating an exciting game.

Overall this weapon mod is a really good thing to have on your game, and because it is a mutator you don’t always have to use it. Apart from the fact that it makes your character jump back, and makes the screen shake a lot, it’s a handy tool to making a better match. This mod is worth downloading!

~Szico VII~ ~Mike~



Remote Strike is set at a time not far in the distant future where true remote control robots which are controlled by humans further the space exploration program for Earth, as technology has advanced remote control has gone way beyond what is currently possible with missions launched to various planets where it would be impossible for humans to venture. The robots only have to sustain themselves.. all intelligence and actions come from their human controllers in real time. The purpose of the fps is to make a cooperative game where your intrepid group of metal commandos goes out to the various planets to control them for Earth. 

Initially there will be custom weapons and character models in the first main release (see the website for current weapon models) and then there will be new gamemodes as well. These will be based on the Invasion type game although obviously the characters and weapons will be available via switch arsenal for you to use as you want. 

The vast majority of the code is done and has been released as an alpha but IM now redesigning the mod for the nvidia contest (no chance of winning but its a useful planning date) 

Lead Designer/coder/3d/2d

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