Featuring a sleek new look combined with deadly destructive capabilites, the MkII Ripjack is a lethal weapon to be faced with. Get too cocky...


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Featuring a sleek new look combined with deadly destructive capabilites, the MkII Ripjack is a lethal weapon to be faced with. Get too cocky and you could easily lose your head. Twitch your trigger finger at just the wrong moment and you could just as easily shred yourself with an explosive razor. Utmost caution is advised both while wielding the weapon and facing a competent opponent wielding it.

Note: completely forgot to put it in the Readme that there's a custom crosshair with the weapon as well, which is the default for it but can also be selected as your default crosshair if you don't use weapon-specific crosshairs :)


- Tweaked PlayerViewOffset and Weapon DrawScale for a nicer look in 1st person. - Added random gibbage to alt razor. Razor explosion will now sometimes completely gib the target - no ragdoll! - Tweaked both razor trail effects so that they destroy correctly now (fade out particles first, then destroy: looks a lot nicer). - Tweaked trail effects, explosion effect and heat emitter effect to look nicer. - Optimized the code a bit. - Fixed it so you can no longer fire a razor immediately after firing an alt razor. - Added HeadshotRadius to the razor; makes it a little easier to get headshots (aimed for headshots rather than random). - Added new custom Explosion sound for alt razor. - Fixed an issue where the primary razor wouldn't spawn if you were standing right in front of something/someone. - Dropped MomentumTransfer on alt razor by a considerable amount.

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Download '' (1.84MB)

Ripjack weapon for UT2004

Version: 1.2

Author: Radiosity (weapon model and skin based on concept art from Unreal
Championship 2, otherwise modelled and skinned soley by myself).


How to install:

Place the files in the following folders:

ripjackAnim -> \Animations
ripjackSounds -> \Sounds
ripjackSM -> \StaticMeshes
Ripjack.u & Ripjack.ucl -> \System
ripjackTex -> \Textures

There is an extra zip in the archive called This will only be
of interest to anyone who wishes to look at the code for the weapon, and 
contains all the classes used in the Ripjack weapon.

How to use:

Simply select the mutator 'Ripjack Replacer' from the list and add it to 
the list of active mutators. Click the configure mutators button to 
configure the mutator. Check the box for the weapon to be active (it 
should be checked by default) and then select the weapon you wish to 
replace (Minigun by default).

The Ripjack occupies the same weapon slot as the minigun, with a group offset 
so you should still be able to cycle through both weapons by using the 

Primary fire shoots a reasonably high speed razor, which will bounce 
around for a while, and can also cause a headshot if you're lucky.

Tip: Try and fight from high ground - it's easier to get a headshot from 
above ;)

Altfire can be charged up by holding the right mouse button (or whatever 
you have assigned to altfire). Release the button to fire the projectile. 
The longer you charge for, the more powerful the projectile is. It will 
gain a little extra speed, more damage, larger damage radius, and applies 
more momentum transfer to the target the longer you keep it held.


For use on a server, add the following to the UT2004.ini file under the 
[Engine.GameEngine] section:


then add the mutator as normal when configuring your server.


All the people who downloaded the previous beta versions and helped to 
get the weapon to this final state :)

Epic and Atari for the game of course.

Copyrights and stuff:

Usual gubbinz here, you may not use this for any commertial gain or 
profit etc., but you may distribute it through electronic means, on 
cd cover disks and so on. You know the drill :)

All copyrights apply to their respective owners.

Changes/Bugfixes in v1.1:

* Removed headshot flame effects
* Changed mutator and weapon to write to their own .ini
* Reduced 3rd person model scale slightly
* Increased Razor and AltRazor drawscales slightly
* Reduced Razor collision radius a small amount
* Reduced Razor lifespan so it bounces around a bit less
* Very slight decrease in damage for Razor
* AltRazor damage reduced a tad as well
* Downsized main weapon skin to 1024x1024 to reduce filesize
* Reduced AltRazor momentum

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