A great voice pack for Unreal Tournament 2004. Contains Ripley's voice from the Alien movies. Tons of voices for every type of voice comm...


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A great voice pack for Unreal Tournament 2004. Contains Ripley's voice from the Alien movies. Tons of voices for every type of voice command including taunts, team commands, and just about any other voice command you can think of. Very high quality. I've been playing with this voice pack for a while now and I personally love it!


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Name: Lt. Ellen Ripley
Age: 28
Race: Human
Warrant Officer Ripley has been fighting the xenomorph menace ever since she and her crew onboard the commercial starship Nostromo 'accidentally' stumbled across the wreckage of an ancient spacecraft of unknown origin on planet LV-426. She volunteered to return to the planet with a squad of Colonial Marines to rescue any survivors of the Hadley's Hope terraforming station but the mission was a disaster. On the trip home there was a fire in the starships' cryogenic compartment and Ripley had to be ejected in an EEV to the nearest planet, Fury 161, a maximum security prison. Unfortunately, she became impregnated by a facehugger--one of the early stages of the alien life cycle--and faced imminent death upon the birth of the new alien growing inside her chest. The Liandri Corporation offered to save her life by surgically removing the creature from her but Ripley refused, knowing that Liandri would use the alien for their bioweapons research. She nobly sacrificed her life rather than sell out her conscience and then dived into the lead works. The corporation was able to recover some blood samples found in the prison infirmary and use them to make a clone of Ripley. The first seven clones proved to be a failure; however number eight was a perfect match. Not only were they able to safely extract an alien queen fetus from her body, but the fortuitous discovery of Ripley 8's human-xenomorph DNA splicing gave Liandri new ideas for bioweapons research; the clone had the advantages of the xenomorph's speed, strength, acidic blood and predatory viciousness. Ripley 8 is now being evaluated in the tournaments.

Here's the UT2K4 version of my Ripley VP, now in its third generation. I tried to cover all the bases in this voice pack, even going so far as to use a couple of samples from Weaver's other non-Alien related movies in order to do so, but there were some sound events I just couldn't find the right voice for. Be that as it may, this is a robust voice pack and I hope you will enjoy it. Recording and editing all the samples was quite tedious but well worth the effort. If I had any talent at all I would make a skin or model, but for the time being I chose to associate the Blackjack skin with this VP because she looks similar to Ripley. I had to resort to some careful splicing of sounds to make the appropriate commands, but it didn't always work out as well as I'd hoped. For example, I had to whittle down the line 'The ship's been go since the attack' to 'Go attack' for the ASSAULT THE BASE command. Now she doesn't sound very commanding while speaking this order, but it's the best I could do. The sounds are 8-bit, 22KHz mono .WAV files, the same ones used in the previous VPs. The VP contains foul language throughout, so there was no point in me marking any of the taunts. 
Samples: [1], [2].

Version History:
v2.0, 01-NOV-2004  * Updated the voice pack for UT2004.
* Removed some unused sounds and made use of others to shrink the file size.
* Rearranged some sounds to make it more understandable.
* Boosted the TransientSoundVolume value.
* Moved the character bio to the .UPL file.  

v1.0, 12-MAY-2003  * This is the original release for UT2003.

Files Included:
Ripley2K4VP2.U The voice pack file 
Ripley2K4VP2.UPL Used mainly for a separate UT bot 
Ripley2K4VP2.INT Makes the VP available in voice drop-down menu 
Ripley2K3VP1skins.UTX Player portrait 
RipleyORDERsearchAndDestroy.WAV Sample audio file 
RipleyTAUNTiqsDrop.WAV Sample audio file 
ReadMe--Ripley2K4VP2.HTML This file 
SigourneyWeaver-148.JPG Picture of the character, used for this Read Me 

Movies used:
Alien, 20th Anniversary Edition DVD 
Aliens, Special Edition DVD 
Alien 3 DVD 
Alien: Ressurection DVD 
A Map of the World DVD 
Galaxy Quest DVD 
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1. Put all files with the .INT, .U and .UPL extensions in the \UT2004\System directory.
2. Put the .UTX file in the \UT2004\Textures directory.
3. Run UT2004.
4. Under the Player or Bot voice drop-down menu select "Ripley v2.0".

If you're running a server and want to use this VP, you'll need to make the following changes:
1. Open the UT2004.INI file and place the following under the heading [Engine.GameEngine]:


2. Run the following command to rebuild your server's valid package list:


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The following list shows the contents of the voice pack. Translations of the voice are shown in square brackets [ ]. 

ACKS = 11
All right I'm in
I can handle myself
I hope you're right. I really do
Not much choice
Yes, I read you
We're on our way
You guys throw me at the wolves, and now you want me to go back out there?
Mind if I give it a shot?
Ok. What do I do?
Just give us time to get out first

Careful! [FF]
Hey! [FF]
Damn it! [FF]
Are you finished? [FF]
You're gauranteed by law to get a share of the prize money. [FF]
Give it a rest, why don't you. [FF]
What makes you think...I would let you do that? [FF]
I don't believe this. [FF]
Forget it. It's not my problem. [FF]
Just relax. [FF]
Malfunctioned? [FF]
I should've known. No human being is that humane. [FF]
You got something better to do? [FF]
Just stay away from me. You got that straight? [FF]
Just deal with it, because we need you and I'm sick of your bullshit. [FF]
Look, I have one job on this lousy ship. It's stupid, but I'm gonna do it! Ok? [FF]

Red Corporal
Blue Corporal

We have to stick together. [Defend the base.]
Hold this position, please.
Go attack their base.
Let's go. C'mon. [Cover me.]
You're going out there to destroy them.
Will you get it, please? [Take their flag.]
Here's our flag, make yourself useful and dend it.
Will you get it, please? [Attack Alpha.]
Will you get it, please? [Attack Bravo.]
If you guys don't drop the ball I won't. [Get the ball.]

This thing is gonna fall apart! [Base is uncovered!]
Don't let her go! [Somebody get our flag back!]
Where you want it? [I got the flag.]
Grab onto something. We're outta here. [I've got your back]
::screams:: [I'm hit!]
Get them out of there. Do it now! [Man down!]
Where are you when I need you? [I'm all alone here %l.]
I'm right here. [I'm in position %l.]
You get him, we'll go on. [I'm going in.]
They found a way in- ::motion tracker beeping::-Something we missed. [Enemy flag carrier is %l.]
How long after we're declared overdue can we expect a rescue? [I need some backup %l.]
They found a way in- ::motion tracker beeping::-Something we missed. [Enemy ball carrier is %l.]
Will you get it, please? [Attack Alpha.]
Will you get it, please? [Attack Bravo.]
If they send anyone out it'll be here...where the meat is. [The base is under attack %l!]
I hear them! I hear them, they're so close! [We're being overrun %l!]
If you guys don't drop the ball I won't. [Get the ball.]
I died. [Medic!]

I'm finding a lot of things funny lately.
Your ass is already on the line. The only question is, what are you going to do about it?
You took it in the chest, I saw it.
I'm happy to disappoint you.
Did IQs just drop sharply while I was away?
You'll never get out of here alive.
::fires pulse rifle::
Get over it.
Well I'm going to make sure that they nail you right to the wall for this!
I'm Ripley. It's nice to meet you.
Oh I see, you just broke it.
::fires flame thrower::
I've had my psyche evaluation this month.
Well, what kind of weapons have you got?
Come on!! Come on!!
Excuse me.
How do you feel?
I'm the monster's mother.
Well, it won't make any difference. You're still gonna die.
They can bill me for the damages.
You gonna kill me or what?
Are you kidding? This thing bled acid, who knows what it's gonna do when it's dead.
You got a mean streak. :-/
I can make [the pain] stop.
It was in my way.
I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
It's a really nasty one.
And you, you little're staying here.
Why don't you just fuck off?
Well I don't know how you managed to stay alive.
Well we can't go back.
Was it everything you hoped for?
Obviously it means killing it.
Is that acceptable to you?
C'mon you bastard!
There'll be more.
You're staff just follows you around and says 'Right'. Just like a regular parrot.
Everyone in the company will die.
Roll over, play dead, heel.
You're programmed to be an asshole?
It's too late! You can't stop it; [your death] is inevitable.
We'll blow this fucker off into space.
Are you kidding? This piece of shit is even older than I am.
Why did you come here?
Yeah, I get that a lot.
Any questions?
You'll die.
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Thanks go out to Paul Catalano for making the Voice Packager program, to LORD KROM for sorting out the whole VP implementation issue for '2K4 and FBMachine for providing the tip on raising the volume in the voice pack Default Properties. Thank you Rainecloud for "The Definitive Voicepack Tutorial For UNREALED 2.0. (Revised Version)", Areala and [ZDB]Stoerenfried for their UT voice pack tweaking guide (both guides found here) and Fraggin_Phun for the tutorial on how to make VPs for UT2003. I find UnrealEd to be daunting and these tutorials made it very simple to make the voice pack. Additional grattitude goes go to Ron "JaFO" Dautzenberg for his UT bot managing utilities, a big help with making "push content" files for my voice packs. I'd also like to thank the folks at GoldWave and CyberLink for making some awesome sound editing and DVD player software. 
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