Rivaling Duelists' Paradise



Load the map to the see the description or view the preview picture showcasing the map selection screen.



Revisions made to DM-1on1-Rivaling_Duelists'_Paradise.txt. . .
Revisions made to DM-1on1-Rivaling_Duelists'_Paradise.ut2. . .

Unreal Tournament 2004 Level for 1 vs 1 Free for All duels. . .

Title                   : Rivaling_Duelists'_Paradise
Filename                : DM-1on1-Rivaling_Duelists'_Paradise.ut2
Custom Music Filename   : Battle_Tension.ogg
Release date            : 11/17/2023; 11/25/2023 for version 1.1
Email Address           : [email protected]
Misc. Author Info       : I love tweaking and hacking my hardware, operating
                          system, and applications, with the purpose to improve
                          performance.  I'm also an anti-priest.

Description             : Load the map to see the description of this level.                      

Weapons                 : Minigun; Flak Gun; "Classic" Sniper Rifle; and
                          Shock Rifle.

How to install the files: Transfer "DM-1on1-Rivaling_Duelists'_Paradise.ut2"
                          to your "/Unreal Tournament 2004/Maps/" folder.

                          Transfer "Battle_Tension.ogg" to your
                          "/Unreal Tournament 2004/Music/" directory.

                          Once these actions are successfully done,
                          simply leave the two files in those folders.
                          From there, when running Unreal Tournament 2004,
                          "DM-1on1-Rivaling_Duelists'_Paradise" should
                          appear in your maps browser.

                          Check the lower entries in the maps browser list by
                          scrolling all the way down amongst map names
                          if you don't immediately see the entry for

                          Also make sure the option to only display official
                          maps is disabled.

Additional Credits to   : Iris, my dear friend, who gave responses that
                          helped give more objectivity in the design and
                          planning phases.  Grazie tante, Iris!
                          UnrealGGecko for fixing the "Screenshot_Package"
                          errors and for teaching me how to do such things
                          for myself.
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