First off- Don't try to use this as a normal map. There are blocking volumes in front of the flags, making this really a "standoff" until...


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First off- Don't try to use this as a normal map. There are blocking volumes in front of the flags, making this really a "standoff" until time runs out. That said...

This is a clone of AS-Mothership with working Spacefighters. Very cool. See the readme below, as it pretty much explains the whole thing.

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November 2005

Map: sCTF-Standoff-Lite-Lite
Gametype: Super Capture the Flag
Created by Stuart D. Wright

Play sCTF-Standoff-Lite

This is an update to the previous, more buggy version (which had an incorrect installation procedure for the modified UT2004.ini file).
Note that fighters may now fly into the motherships using any of the main openings (front, side, rear, and top). The whole idea of this
gametype/level combo is to allow level designers and mod makers to implement the flying starfighter vehicles in CTF and/or vehicle capture
the flag games. The level is a simple adaptation (ripoff) of Mothership with minimal bot support - it is mainly for live players. Once again,


Simply unzip the file and add the SuperUT2004.ini file, as well as the .u and files to 
the UT2004/System directory, and add the .ut2 map file to the UT2004/Maps directory. Load UT2004 and have some fun.
Use the new coding and actor classes provided in the Unreal editor (just open up the map and you will see them - or export scripts to view
them in an editor) in whatever way you choose!

Thanks goes to the Unreal Tournament Community for supporting the efforts of amateur map and mod designers from around the world.
Special thanks goes to the creator(s) of the AS-MotherShip map and the Spacefighter (both variants).

Send all feedback to:

Stuart D. Wright
aka. Big Body Snatcher

Other maps include:
CTF-Stronghold of the Titans



     sCTF-Standoff-Lite-Lite is a new map for a new custom gametype, Super Capture the Flag. sCTF-Standoff-Lite uses many pre-existing 
static meshes and even pre-existing large-scale map content, such as the mothership saucer meshes and the interior base design 
from the AS-Mothership map. There is also some original content, but mainly the organization of the map as well as 
the concept was the emphasis of originality in this case. This is a map designed to showcase the new gametype by 
providing a play area whereby the Spacefighter vehicle (introduced in AS-MOthership) can be used effectively in a Capture 
the Flag scenario. The Spacefighter is one of the most unique and exciting vehicles in the Unreal Universe, as
well as perhaps the most underused and underrated of all the vehicles. It is truly unique to the Unreal Universe,
and for this reason, should definitely be used in more maps and mods. Super Capture the Flag is an attempt
to revitalize the Capture the Flag gametype (the best team multiplayer gametype!) by introducing the virtual fantasy
of spaceflight using the awesome Spacefighter. 
     The source code was modified to create a new gametype, with many new objects and actors (triggers, pawns, etc.) and 
editor-specific content to allow for a gametype in which the Spacefighter can be used in a CTF game. Several new hacks allow
for a flag-carrier to enter the vehicle and fly around with the flag, and engage in space battles without disrupting gameplay.
For instance, when a ship is destroyed and the flag is dropped in space, it can be flown over by another Spacefighter (same 
team or enemy team) and thus picked up or returned. Accomplishing this was a lot more complicated and troublesome than one might 
think, for the native gametype doesn't support players with flags entering vehicles, nor does it support the use of the 
Spacefighter, which is a vehicle coded specifically for the Assault gametype. Furthermore, the native code doesn't support 
vehicles picking up the flag upon contact (to attach to the vehicle driver). This has all been fixed. Code was altered and the 
appropriate changes are annotated in the class scripts for individuals interested in the Unrealscript modifications that allow 
for Super Capture the Flag.
     New vehicles based on the physics of the Spacefighter are in planning and should offer even more playability to this
gametype. Furthermore, new versions of sCTF-Standoff-Lite may follow, as bot support for this map is minimal and not 
necessarily logically functional. Apologies are truly in order to those who relish bot implementation in CTF levels. 
However, the main emphasis for this map and gametype is the human team player - so grab some friends and watch out for those 

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