Sergeant Kelly's Ballistic Bonus Pack

This mod adds seven new weapons for use with the Ballistic Weapons Mod by Runes...


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This mod adds seven new weapons for use with the Ballistic Weapons Mod by Runestorm. These new weapons add hours and hours of new and exciting gameplay. The level of effort is really noticed in this release. The graphics and particle effects on the weapons are simply awesome.

Here is a Full List of the Weapons:

  • M30A2 Assault Rifle - A tactical rifle with a camera zoom and gauss charge.
  • M781 Automatic Shotgun - A fully automatic M763 variant with wooden furnishings.
  • Flak 16 SM-AT/AA RR - A high powered anti-tank recoilless rifle capable of severe damage.
  • AH104 Assault Pistol - A .600 HEAT handcannon with an excess of power.
  • A73 Elite Skrith Rifle - A multi-purpose rifle that can launch plasma grenades.
  • GRSXX Golden Glock - An overpowered superweapon in a 24K package.
  • HVPC Plasma Cannon - The ultimate in variable plasma technology.

Read the full descriptions of the weapons in the readme.

If you enjoy high-standard weapons with different secondary functions and fire modes, you will love this great addition to the already great Ballistic Weapons Mod. Enjoy!

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Download '' (12.24MB)

READ ME: Sergeant Kelly's Ballistic Weapons Bonus Pack 

	[Requires Ballistic Weapons V2.1 and Bonus Pack 4.]

Version 1.6



 Unzip the files into their respective UT2004 folders.
 PackageSounds.uax goes into the Sounds folder.
 BallisticRecolors.utx goes into the Textures folder.
 BWBPRecolors.u goes into the System folder.
 BWBPRecolors.ucl goes into the System folder.

Low Definition Installation:
 If you run UT2004 on low detail, download the low definition BWBPRecolors.utx and place that in your textures folder.
 Doing so will remove the transperancies on the AH104.

 Simply remove the new files from your UT2004 directory.
 The modified files are located in "Sounds", "System" and "Textures".





 -- M30A2 Tactical Assault Rifle --

 A further improvement on their crowning achievement, the M30A2 is the long range version of the famed rifle.
with a forward mounted laser sight and heavy 7.62 gauss rounds, the M30A2 Tactical Rifle can accurately snipe
targets at almost all distances. In order to compensate for the slower firing speed and increased recoil, 
Enravion has added a secondary gauss projectile accelerator to the barrel. By simply depressing the
trigger twice in quick succesion, the user can activate the system and propel the bullet at a much higher 
velocity through the armor and flesh of unsuspecting victims. (With regards to a 2 second recharge time.) 
The A2 comes equipped with a mounted camera sight for increased accuracy.

  Primary Fire: 7.62mm Rifle Fire
  Secondary Fire: 7.62mm Accelerated Gauss Fire
  Special Fire: Laser Dot
  Manufacturer: Enravion Combat Solutions
  Fire Modes: Semi-Auto, 3-Round Burst, Automatic, Suppression
  Ammunition: 7.62mm Gauss Rounds

--- M781 Mk-3 Automatic Shotgun ---

 The Avenger Mk3 M781 is the special ops version of the M763. It boasts a fully automatic firing and recoil suppression
system and is very effective in the field. Upgraded loading mechanisms included in the Mk3 allow for powerful blasts of
two shells or four shells depending on the range. A good weapon in a pinch, the M781 has been known to save many soldier's
lives. This M781 has just entered production, but it is predicted that it will completely replace the M763 within the 
next decade.
  Primary Fire: 12 Gauge Shotgun Fire
  Secondary Fire: Melee Attack
  Manufacturer: Black & Wood
  Fire Modes: Automatic, Double Shot, Quad Shot
  Ammunition: 12 Gauge Shotgun Slugs

--- Flak 16 Single Man Anti-Tank/Anti-Air Recoilless Rifle ---

 The Flak 16 SM-AT/AA Recoilless Rifle is a reloadable, single shot rocket launcher. The portable version of the Flak 54 
AT/AA system, the Flak 16 SM-AT/AA is housed in a G5 casing and fires high-speed AP shaped charges for maximum penetration
and damage. The portable Flak 16 was engineered after UTC generals noticed the Cryons' knack for overrunning and taking
over their Flak 54 sites. This new Recoilless Rifle has been the bane of Cryon armored divisions ever since.

  Primary Fire: Launch HV Flak 16 Rocket
  Secondary Fire: Detonate HV Flak 16 Rocket
  Manufacturer: UTC Defense Tech
  Ammunition: High Velocity Flak 16 HE-AT Slugs.

--- AH-104 'Pounder' Assault Pistol ---

 'The Desert Eagle of the future.' Those were the words of Enravion as they publically released this modified version of the AM67.
Nicknamed the 'Pounder' for its potent .600 explosive armor piercing rounds; the AH104 comes equipped with a laser targeting 
system in place of the usual flash bulb. Its immense stopping power and anti-armor capability make this weapon a favorite of
military leaders and personell across the worlds.

  Primary Fire: Fire Pistol Rounds
  Secondary Fire: Targetting Laser
  Manufacturer: Enravion Combat Solutions
  Ammunition: .600 HE-AP Pistol Rounds

--- A73 Elite Skrith Rifle ---

 The A73-E is a specialized version of the Skrith standard rifle and is rarely seen on the battlefield. Aside from the red tint,
the Elite model is very similar in appearance to the standard. Scans show, however, that this special version fires projectiles
at roughly 3 times the standard heat level and has an odd permanent electrical charge coursing through the blades. If encountered
in the field, it is advised to report the occurrence to HQ immediately for testing.

  Primary Fire: Energy Bolt
  Secondary Fire: Blade Stab
  Manufacturer: Unknown Skrith Engineers
  Fire Modes: Plasma Bolt, Plasma Bomb
  Ammunition: Skrith Energy Cells

--- Golden [Special Edition] GRSXX Pistol ---

 The Golden GRSXX is a truly rare sight. With only thirty-two ever produced, prices range in the tens of millions. 
A much improved version of the GRS9, the GRSXX boasts an enhanced UTC Mk6 Power Coil and a Model 8 magnetic accelerator in the
lining of the barrel. The power coil boosts the laser's power output while substantially decreasing battery drainage. At the cost
of battery damage, the laser matrix generator can also fire a compact energy burst by overloading and detonating the Mk6 coils.
[Barrel is made of 24-Karat gold with an underlying platinum-titanium casing.]

  Primary Fire: Fire Accelerated 9mm Rounds
  Secondary Fire: Engage Focused Beam Matrix
  Manufacturer: Drake & Co Firearms
  Fire Modes: Semi-Auto,3-Round Burst, Automatic
  Ammunition: 9mm JHP Rounds

--- H-V Magnetic Plasma Cannon Mk5 ---

 [Document Begins] The High Voltage Magnetic Plasma Cannon [Mark 5] - Codename 'Shock & Awe' - is a potent energy dilivery system.
State of the art magnetically charged sustaining coils powered by a portable back-mounted power generator can now, due to a recent
breakthrough in plasma technology, succesfully govern an operational array of plasma injectors. The Mk-5 uses these injectors to 
artificially condense and contain small 1 eV plasma 'charges' that can be propelled at high velocities towards hostile forces. 
Testing is currently underway. [Document Ends]"

  Primary Fire: Contained Plasma Charge
  Secondary Fire: Directed Plasma Pulse
  Manufacturer: Nexron Defence
  Ammunition: H-V Plasma Cells


  Recommended Gun Replacements:

 M30A2 Assault Rifle       -->  Sniper Category
 M781 Automatic Shotgun    -->  Shotgun Category
 Flak 16 SM-AT/AA RR       -->  Avril Category
 AH104 Assault Pistol      -->  Handgun Category
 A73 Elite Skrith Rifle    -->  Skrith Rifle Category
 GRSXX Golden Glock        -->  Super Weapon Category
 HVPC Plasma Cannon        -->  Lightning Gun Category


  Future Plans:

 - New models and animations for the guns.
 - An M30 Assault Rifle.
 - A KF8 Military Crossbow.


  Known Bugs
 - Bots shoot two projectiles with the HVPC.
 - Switching firemodes when low on ammo can cause weapons to jam.




 - Marc "Sergeant Kelly" Moylan <mam26 at> 
  For the custom weapons and modifications.

 - Arn "ShadowBlade" Richert
  For the Ballistic Weapons mod and coding help.

 - Nolan "Dark Carnivour" Richert
  For the Ballistic Weapons mod and coding help.

 - Casey "Captain Xavious" Johnson
  For the HVPC Plasma cannon and beta testing.

 - "Kaboodles"
  For UI Icons and heavy balance testing.

 -- Sounds --

 - Valve
 - F.E.A.R.
 - S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
 - Red Faction
 - Company of Heroes

 Sounds modified and spliced with Audacity.

 -- Textures --

 - Lurid&apos;s Uber-Chromed Gauss (Half Life Improvement Team) [HVPC Rotor] 


 Thank you for downloading my mod. I hope you enjoy it!


Please E-mail me if you plan to release modifications of my work.
These works are not to be sold for any form of profit.

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