Shira skin

A skin of Dua1ity's girlfriend. Lucky guy...


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A skin of Dua1ity's girlfriend. Lucky guy...

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Hey, thanks for downloading, enjoy, blah blah you know the drill by now right? :p This skin is dedicated to Shira.

To install:

Unzip to the UT2004 folder


Copy the .upl to the UT2004/System folder
And the .utx to the UT2004/Textures folder

Add this line to the xplayers.ini file for bios.

Shira="Name:  Shira|Age:   19|Race:  Human|Crime:   Stowaway||Data:| After being caught hiding on an imperial ship, Shira was sent to the tournaments. There she became a sex symbol, and used her good looks and questionable attire to distract her enemies. She also proudly serves as teammate, girlfriend, and mascot to Dua1ity.||

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