Looks to be a weapon conversion mod. I am not totally sure. I don't feel like trying it out, lol. If someone downloads it and finds out wha...


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Looks to be a weapon conversion mod. I am not totally sure. I don't feel like trying it out, lol. If someone downloads it and finds out what it is, leave a comment.

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Stratus, where Nothing is Sacred...
UT2004 Modification


[email protected]

Team Members:

Skeedish (Mod Leader)
PartySam (Co-Leader)
Hilikus (Modeller)
Pierre-Simon (Modeller)
EvilMonkey (Skinner)
Kryptic (Music Artist)
Grekster (Web)

Concept art by Andy Screen
GFX by sLAzer

Please note that although this version does not contain
weapon models, skins, music or anything else, the next


Stratus v1.2.4 requires the UT2004 patch 3270 or later
to run

Extract all files to your \UT2004 directory, or their
relevant folders in the \UT2004 directory

For Multiplayer installation, all players should add the 
following line to their ut2004.ini file located in the
\UT2004\System folder

Find the 'heading' where it says


(it should be near the top), and scroll down to the bottom
of the list where it says 'ServerPackages='
and add the line


 To Play

Open UT2004 -> Instant Action -> DeathMatch
-> Select 'Stratus' from the mutators list and Play!


A small Note:
It is possible to get headshots with all the 'bullet'
weapons, but not all of them will register a headshot
if the target is at full health.

Primary Fire: Rapid Automatic
Secondary Fire: Riot Control Disc

Primary Fire: Medium Automatic
Secondary Fire: 'Gangsta' style pinpillin' (Rapid Automatic)
Notes: Can have akimbo, but due to stress on the bearer
       alt-fire is limited to one weapon.

 <Nax 350>
Primary Fire: Sluggish Automatic (accurate)
Secondary Fire: Rapid Automatic (inaccurate)
Notes: Armour Piercing Rounds | see 'GII'

Primary Fire: Low Range Buckshot
Secondary Fire: Compressed buckshot rounds (heavier = slower 
                velocity) explodes on contact due to internal
                pressure caused

Primary Fire: Rapid Automatic
Secondary Fire: Scope
Notes: Initial fire is accurate but prolonged fire time is
       not recommended

Primary Fire: Medium Automatic
Secondary Fire: Fragmentation Grenade
Notes: Armour Piercing Rounds

Primary Fire: Nail Grenade (strictly anti-personnel)
Secondary Fire: Fragmentation Grenade (strictly anti-vehicular)

 <Ibin T80>
Primary Fire: Bolt-Action Rounds
Secondary Fire: Scope
Notes: Fires experimental compacted rounds, creates a trail
       of vapour, explodes on contact


4-8 players

A medium Sized map, full of debris and destruction.
Contains all Stratus Weaponry.

There are numerous hazards on the map, including
blazing fires and hazardous water

oh...and an albatross


Since this is our first release for UT2K4, and little code
has been carried over from 2K3, what has changed since 2K3
is partially irrelevant, so we have chosen to ignore it.

Please note that the mod does not work with the Onslaught
and/or Assault gametypes (due to weapon cache spawning 

 Thanks to...

*Shrimp (For helping with a few areas of code)


Proudly South African
[I just had to put that in :P]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

All Stratus content is copyright (c) the Stratus Team 2004

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