Straw Golem

Lets just say he wasn't in the wizard of OZ... because he would kill everbody!


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Lets just say he wasn't in the wizard of OZ... because he would kill everbody!

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Model Name              : Straw Golem
installation directory  : C:\UT2004
Author                  : Mark Dygert (AKA Vig) [email protected]
Website URL		:

Model description       : The Straw Golem first came to Unreal Tournement
			  as a way for the new (crule) ruler of Oz to make
			  a quick buck. Straw Golems are cheap to make and
			  no one really cares when they are blown to itty
			  bitty straw bits. All you need to make one is a
			  skeleton of a dead warrior, some straw and 
			  a few burlap sacks. Crows are optional =)	

Additional Credits to   : Epic, Digital Extremes, Atari, 

Thanks to               : My wife, the Polycount crew, PorkFry, American McGee (for the idea)
* Construction *
Poly Count              : 2300
Skin Count              : 1-512x512
Software used             : Max4, PhotoShop 6, UnrealEd

* How to use this model *

&quot; INSTALLATION INFO: &quot;

Straw_Golem_k.ukx       goes in      UT2004/Animations
XPlayersStrawgolem.upl  goes in      UT2004/System
straw_x.utx             goes in      UT2004/Textures
StrawGolem_README.txt   goes in      UT2004/System or wherever you see fit

* Copyright / Permissions *
Unreal(R) and Unreal Tournement 2004(R) are registered trademarks of

If you plan on using this model in any mods or for anything other than personal use in 
Ut2004 please contact the author. [email protected]

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