Handy because when using weapons from different mutators, usally scrolling though them makes you skip some making you have to press the number keys. Reade readme.



Super Weapon Bar
Version 1.8

Created by Jesse Schoch (Melaneus)
[email protected]

Visit csdgames.ut2003files.com
---Why use this mutator?
Due to the coding of the base class Weapon, weapons in the same inventory group are often skipped when using the mousewheel.
This mutator's system does not do this. You can access all weapons with mouse scrolling.

Place the files in the UT2003\System folder. Add the mutator to your active mutator list.
Server Admins: Don't forget to add ServerPackages=SuperWeaponBar108 to UT2003.ini.

With this mutator, a new weapon bar appears that acts differently from the original. The weapons each get their own spot instead of being stacked. The selected weapon is always in the middle, and the bar scrolls off the screen.

You can change some functions of the weapon bar by typing "set swb menu 1" in the console.
	Disabled: Turn off the mutator.
	Instant Switch: New weapons are chosen almost immediately when you scroll to them.
	Short Delay: Waits .6 seconds before switching.
	Long Delay: Waits 1 second before switching.
	Manual Switch: You must press the fire button to commit to a new weapon.
	Wrap Edges: If set to on, the bar will go to the opposite side of the list if you pass one of the edges.

---Note: This mutator does not automatically remove the original weapon bar. You can usually press - once to hide it.

Version 1.8
	Defaults to wrapping edges and very short delay (instant, basically).
    	Removed P key menu link.
    	You can still access the menu by typing "set swb menu 1" in the console.
Version 1.7
	Wrap edges options added.
	P now opens up a menu.
Version 1.5 (SwitchArsenal6c Release)
	Fixes a runaway loop error and (hopefully the last) interaction crash.
Version 1.2 
	fixes a compatibility problem with UT2003RPG's magic weapons
	shows a 5 second "Press P to change super weapon bar" message
Version 1.1
	crashes less when weird camera events occur

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