Well... What can you really say?

A good, classy, authentic and nicely done and looking skaarj skin with full team support. Not that we get much of these, but additions like this are always welcome.

Behold! Tarek the Great!

Screenshots really do speak for themselves.

~ Draco



TAREK [Skaarj] - v1

Author:  Klasnic

Email:  klasnic(at)iol(dot)ie



Extract (unzip) all files into your UT2004 installation folder in the folders listed below;





I made this character mostly for my own use.  Since I began hosting a server a while back, I really wanted something new to use on it and decided "hey since I like Atallah (Ultimate Collection) so much why don't I go ahead and make another one in the same or a similar style?"  Well, there was nothing stopping me so I reinstalled some of that old skinning software, rooted through a few too many dvds and got all me little bits and pieces together to do it.  It doesn't mean I've taken up my old habits lol.  *Though I'd love to do Nebri and Fate...

Tarek was built over Atallah since it only takes half the time once I've done a model once.  Originally I didn't want team faces as they don't work when a skin's pushed from a server (gj Epic lol), but given how I wanted the team colours, I added them and gave up the thought of making server files available.  Humbug I say :(

I dropped four team support as it's really a niche market.  To improve performance I kept the TCs at 2.  Also, given I only ever play CTF or ONS, I have no need for a default DM skin so as I originally had red as default, I kept it that way.  It also keeps the file size to a minimum.  I didn't bother to write a bio either as that's another waste of space lol.  For the technically minded or curious LOD settings are as they are on purpose to fulfill my needs.

Anything else?

I was going to include a UTComp compatible upl (for just the textures) but when I dropped the DM skin I dropped that idea too.  I hate those glow skins with a vengeance anyway.  Bah!

Maybe I'll put my site back up, maybe I won't.  I don't know.

I'd like to think when UT2007 comes out (if I like it) that I can actually spend some time playing the game as opposed to making stuff for it.  With UT2004 I started skinning/modelling straight away (within a week) and hardly played the game at all for the first year so I won't be doing that again.  I'm interesteed in becoming a better player at this stage moreso than anything else :)

...  And to all the botters - I will ban you!  UTAN ftw \o/  Incidentally it was when I came across so many botters still online in demo servers / servers without UTAN, etc., that I decided to rent my own - best thing I ever did ;)

One final note:  I can't stress enough how important it is for anyone playing this game or using a computer for long periods of time that you pay particular attention to ergonomics (they height you sit, your overall comfort, etc.).  I'd been playing the game for prolonged periods of time at a desk that was too high and eventually did some serious damage to my right hand.  Now I can only play for short periods before getting excruciating pain.  Whether permanent or not at this stage remains to be seen, so remember many things are more important than playing games, especially your health!


Oh, if you like this you'll probably like my previous two, Pangara and Ultimate Collection.  Thanks to everyone :)


Distribution: You may freely distribute the Umod installer or archive as long as it's kept intact and not changed or disseminated in any way.

Copyrights and Trademarks;

This character is ©2006 Klasnic.  You may not alter, disseminate, reverse engineer in part or in whole any of the files included in this archive without my express written consent.


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