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This awesome mutator lets you customize a few things in the game such as, player size, jump height, play speed, and more! You gotta get this...


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This awesome mutator lets you customize a few things in the game such as, player size, jump height, play speed, and more! You gotta get this one! (>^_^)>

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TAWW - The Adjustments We Want

Raw facts
Type         : UT2004 Mutator
Release Date : June 4, 2004
Version      : 100
Requirement  : Unreal Tournament 2004 (v3204)
Author       : Ola 'Jolle' Frid
Email        : jolle atyay jolle otday se
Url          : http://jolle.se/ut/

Short intro
This is a mutator adding lots (17) of adjustable options. For more info, see
Usage & configuration. Here's a short list of them: Always Gib, Floaty 
Cadavers, Wall Jumping, Freeze Move, No Adrenaline Pickups, Generate 
Adrenaline, Only Generate For The Last, Health Pickup Multiplier, Damage 
Multiplier, Self Damage Multiplier, Fall Damage Multiplier, OK Impact Speed
Multiplier, Movement Speed Multiplier, Jump Power Multiplier, Number Of
Multi Jumps, Player Ambient Glow & Player Scale.

UT4mod version: Normally, just double-click on the taww.ut4mod. If this doesn't
work, then you can use the Setup that lies in UT2004/System by, at the command
line, write "setup install taww.ut4mod" (if taww.ut4mod lies in the same
 To uninstall, run the same Setup and select TAWW.

Zip version: Extract taww.zip to your UT2004 directory.
 To uninstall, simply delete all the files that match "Taww*" in your UT2004
directory structure, and remove Taww from the ServerPackages.

Usage & configuration
Just add the TAWW mutator in the Mutators tab to enable it.
To configure it, make sure it is added, then press "Configure Mutators" and look
for the TAWW group. Here follows a list of the options available and what they

Option: Always Gib
Description: With this enabled, all players are gibbed on death (unless 

Option: Floaty Cadavers
Description: Your kills weigh lightly. (Only works in single player).

Option: Wall Jumping
Description: With this enabled, you can wall jump by pressing the Wall Jump key 
(configurable at the Mutator TAWW group in the key config). Wall jumping works
quite easy. If you press the wall jump key when close to a wall, you perform
a wall jump. You either jump forward, backward, left or right, depending on
which side of you the wall is closest. You can only wall jump every 1/4 second.
With two walls close enough to each other, you can keep jumping between them to
kind of climb. It also works well for getting on top of medium size crates
(Normal jump -> Wall jump -> Double jump). Wall jumping breaks your current
velocity completely, but don't think this save you from a long fall, as fall
damage is applied if needed.

Option: Freeze Move
Description: With this enabled, you can freeze in mid air by pressing the Freeze
In Mid Air key (configurable at the Mutator TAWW group in the key config). You
will be frozen for 1.5 seconds. You can still turn around an shoot, but your
position is locked. Worth noting is that any extra velocity given to you during
this time (from being shot, or whatever (except from gravity)) are all added up.
So what is the point with it? Well, it confuses the enemy (but then your 
position is looked, so taking you out is easy). But it can be nice to, at the 
moments when you've been pushed of a cliff or something, to actually freeze and
perform a last kill before you die. You can also, if you are having lots of 
health and armor, freeze next to a wall and fire a couple of times with the 
shock rifle secondary fire (or anything else with splash damage) to get a good

Option: No Adrenaline Pickups
Description: When this is enabled, there will be no Adrenaline pickups. So you
will only get adrenaline from actually doing something in the game. Nice touch
for CTF.

Option: Generate Adrenaline
Description: If this is set to anything else then 0, then the players will 
receive the set amount of adrenaline every second.

Option: Only Generate For The Last
Description: With this enabled, only the player (or players of the team) with
the lowest score will generate adrenaline. This is of no value if Generate 
Adrenaline is 0. Enabling this can be used to even out games and make them more

Option: Health Pickup Multiplier
Description: Affects the amount of health you will get from health pickups. A 
value of 0.00 will remove all health pickups and a value of 2.00 will double the
amount of health you get from health pickups and so on.

Option: Damage Multiplier
Description: Affects all damage inflicted by a player to a player (including
yourself). For example, a value of 2.00 will double all damage.

Option: Self Damage Multiplier
Description: Affects how much you hurt yourself with your rockets and such. 
Setting this to 0.00 will remove self damage, 2.00 double it etc.

Option: Fall Damage Multiplier
Description: Affects how much damage you will take from a long fall. 0.00 none,
2.00 the double.

Option: OK Impact Speed Multiplier
Description: Affects how fast you can hit the ground when falling without 
getting hurt. Setting it to 2.00 makes it possible to hit the ground at twice
the normal speed, while 0.50 makes you get damage from falls with half the 
normal speed.

Option: Movement Speed Multiplier
Description: Affects how fast you will be able to move. If you set this to 
something higher then 1.00 then it's most likely that you want to use the 
Air Control mutator to increase the air control too. Setting this to 1.30, Air
Control to 0.45 and Jump Power Multipler (see below) to 1.10 has the same impact
as if everyone was running a speed combo all the time.

Option: Jump Power Multiplier
Description: Affects how much power there will be in your jumps. A value of 
higher then 1.50 is quite annoying, as well as a value lower then the normal 

Option: Number Of Multi Jumps
Description: The number of times you can jump in the air without touching the
ground. If you think Double Jump or Quad Jump isn't enough and want some other
number of multi jumps, this is it.

Option: Player Ambient Glow
Description: This is the base brightness of players. It can be 0-254, default is
40. Lots of people complain about players not being bright enough. Well, no need
to complain anymore.

Option: Player Scale
Description: This sets how big players will be. Please note that unless this is
1.00, crouching will be disabled. Also, using the Pint Sized combo will reset
this value for the player using the combo, until the next time he respawns. Also
changing the movement speed might be a good idea if you are going to change

As mentioned, Wall Jumping & Freeze Move requires you to add a couple of key
bindings. This can be done at the normal key configuration screen (Settings ->
Input -> Configure controls). Look for the TAWW Mutator group. You can also add
them manually be binding keys to "Mutate TAWWWallJump" and "Mutate TAWWFreeze".

Multiplayer issues
- Floaty cadavers doens't work for clients. 
- Wall Jumping and Freeze Move isn't simulated for clients, so there might be a
small delay before you notice that you actually wall jumped or froze. But, as
this would have been the case for everyone else watching you anyway, maybe it's
only fair.
- Always Gib doesn't seem to work on your own player for clients. Also,
sometimes it fails for others as well. But it works most of the time ;)

This mutator is freeware, and is therefore distributed 'as is', and I can not be
held responsible for any damage or other things this mutator may cause. I offer
NO warranty. Use it at your own risk.

Legal things
TAWW ©2003-2004 Ola 'Jolle' Frid

You may redistribute this mutator freely, in its original condition.

As for you mutator coders out there, you may freely use my code, as long as you
give me credits.

 Unreal® Tournament 2004 ©2004 Epic Games, Inc. Raleigh, N.C. USA. 

 Unreal and the Unreal logo are registered trademarks of Epic 

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