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Description: TeamRadar is a mutator for UT2k4 that fixes the radar map by adding the rest of your team and your team's empty vehic...


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Description: TeamRadar is a mutator for UT2k4 that fixes the radar map by adding the rest of your team and your team's empty vehicles to it or adds a radar map to the top corner..


* Full team on the radar map, including custom vehicles that define their own icons and the standard vehicles with icons by Airmoran * Dynamic interface that allows you to change the colors of the two teams' icons and the colors of the empty vehicle icons. * Hotkey for fullscreen semi-transparent radar image * Compatible with all stock UT2k4 gametypes

This is definately an excelent mod. It adds a small radar area to the left of the screen, allowing you to locate various teams or even items. I know I like it.

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TeamRadar v 4.0
UT2004 Mutator
Written by Snorelax <[email protected]>
Special Thanks:
Airmoran (for making the icons as I suck hardcore at Photoshop)
dma, Pfhoenix, TNSe, #unrealscript on EnterTheGame (A whole lot of coding help)
j0kz (Writing the readme because I'm too damn lazy)
j0kz, nefariousD, Brewster, Airmoran, and nub (The guys I play the game with)

Installation Instructions:
Extract the contents into your ut2004 folder.

If running from a commandline, add Mutator=TeamRadar.TeamRadarMut

TeamRadar puts your teammates and your team's empty vehicles on the minimap. Players are represented by an arrow, vehicles by a vehicle icon, empty vehicles with a grey icon(by default). Objectives have their own icon as well. Colors are confurable for each team and for the empty vehicles.

There are four new keybindings: Fullscreen Map, Zoom In, Zoom Out and Config Menu. There are no default keys so you'll have to assign them in the key settings menu. The commands are &quot;trFullMap&quot;, &quot;trZoomIn&quot;, &quot;trZoomOut&quot; and &quot;trConfigMenu&quot;, respectively, if you want to do it by hand. These commands also work in the console.

Version History:
v1.0: First public release (4/6/2004)
v1.1: Added configurable colors for the icons (4/6/2004)
v1.1.1: Fixed a bug where it wouldn't work on a dedicated server
v1.1.2: Fixed the incorrect radar placement bug
v2.0: Code scrapped and redone. Tons of new features, plus it works.
v2.0.2: Corrected level change lockup bug.
-added icons to menu
-added mouseover info to icons
-fixed bug where it would spam errors to the log if you loaded it in a different gametype
-Added the ability for vehicle programmers to add new vehicle icons to the mutator
-Added two console commands (trFullMap and trConfigMenu)
-Reduced bandwidth usage and increased client speed by using replication infos and reducing calls to arrays.
-Removed some bugs involving the map tab.
-Various bug fixes and compatibility updates
-reduced data sent to/from server again
-Updated compatibility with new beta patch and server browsing
-Reduced number of objects spawning
-Modified bandwidth usage to less than actors/pawns
-Added cross Gameplay compatibility

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