Temple of Sanon Magnamara

A Medium sized Z-Axis heavy deatmatch for 2-8 players. It takes place in a temple inspired by the Chizra textures from Unreal. I used about...


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A Medium sized Z-Axis heavy deatmatch for 2-8 players. It takes place in a temple inspired by the Chizra textures from Unreal. I used about 90% custom meshes and the map is fully pathed and optimised. The aim of this map was to make something fun over something "hardcore", but there are still some opportunities for trickjumps to grab the more powerful items. I built it around a central area which is quite detailed, so people on low end machines should turn their world detail and dynamic mesh LOD down for best performance here. Please enjoy!

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Download 'dmsanonmagnamara.zip' (9.59MB)

Title: Temple of Sanon Magnamara
            Filename: DM-SanonMagnamara.ut2
              Author: Pseudosafari
       eMail Address: lethargicmonkey@hotmail.co.uk

Started  4/4/06
Released 18/4/06

Arcadiavincennes, Ironblayde and _Lynx for help on UP and NC forums.

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Notes: This map could tax older computers (such as mine) when players are in the central area as there is a lot of
detail in view and optimisation here was difficult. It might help to turn down your World Detail (removing some of
the excess wall meshes) and your dynamic mesh LOD.

This map started as an experiment in fluid surfaces and intermediate bot pathing (for liftjumps). 
After figuring out what I had intended I felt like playing a bit of a fun game so built the level around my pool of 
water. The theme was inspired by the Chizra (ancient.utx) textures from Unreal 1 and UT. Gameplay is in no way 
"hardcore" as the opportunities for lift jumps, ramp dodges etc only occur for the more important pickups. I imagine
most of the action will be conducted in the central area where trick jumps cant be utilised much. 
It was built as a bit of fun and hopefully there are some other people out there who also enjoy this style of gameplay.
The central area has a badly meshed lift - Sorry for this but whenever I tried to work out a replacement mesh half of
my level would disappear offscreen (O_o?!) so I just left it as a textured box. This lift is quite difficult to use as
you can use it to quickly get to the Rocket Launcher and Super Shield pathway or the Lightning gun roost.
I haven't much else to say about the map except that after working out a reasonably fun layout I used it as a learning
process to get to grips with making meshes snap to grid etc.
Have fun! If you want to comment or have some thoughts regarding this map feel free to 
contact me at:               lethargicmonkey@hotmail.co.uk

I think that's about it

Unzip DM-SanonMagnamara.ut2.
Store the *.unr or *.ut2 file in your Maps\ directory along with the others 
(see guide below), then either doubleclick on it, or type open Temple of Sanon Magnamara in 
the console, or select the Map in a Botmatch or an Internet game.

*.unr and *.ut2 files go in Maps\
*.utx files go in Textures\
*.umx and *.ogg files go in Music\
*.uax files go in Sounds\
*.u, *.int, and *.ini files go in System\
*.usx files go in staticmeshes\
*.ukx files go in animations\
*.ka  files go in karma\
*.upx files go in prefabs\

(credits to NC for the readme generator)

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