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TechniqueBalanceFun FactorCreativityGameplay9888 10Overall Rating:Reviewer:Requirements:8.9 / 10KouenUT2004 Mega Bonus Pack

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TechniqueBalanceFun FactorCreativityGameplay
9888 10
Overall Rating:Reviewer:Requirements:
8.9 / 10KouenUT2004 Mega Bonus Pack

Well, here's a big one. Quarter of a gigabyte of content here, ladies and gents. I'm just going to jump right in and start with the maps.

DM-TRBP-Bender (by Relic) We start out with a fairly run-of-the-mill industrial complex. I'm really going to keep it short here, since there's a lot of stuff to review.

The architecture and layout work very well, and are condusive to UT2003's faster style of gameplay - which this bonus pack promotes. The multi-level structure can be rather confusing at first, but that's a good thing. You need to learn the lay of the land, otherwise, there'll be hazing afoot.

Design-wise, there's an impressive use of pixel effects and shaders throughout. The construction itself lends to suspension of disbelief, as the atmosphere just feels... right. All the usual suspects are involved, a few pitfalls, couple of tunnels, bridges over a long drop, etc. Bender is, in all respects, a traditional UT map, and for that, we can be grateful.

DM-TRBP-Cyanide (by LrdMidKnight) Maybe it's just me, but this map seemed gratuitously oversized compared to my little Skaarj dude... But anyway, size doesn't matter. (Can't believe I just said that.)

Cyanide is a very nice facility-styled map. It's small, but good for tight-range deathmatches, or - as I like to call them - 12-man clusterf***s. Get 12 or more people up here with flak cannons... Bob's your uncle. ;) The general setting is a rooftop, and from the helicopter sounds, I'd believe that a sort of backstory is an attacker/defender thing. Would've been a good start to an Assault map, to be honest.

It's tight, but has decent spread of powerups and plenty of cover. Decent sniper's nest, and a HEV Suit pickup that may not serve much of a purpose in this particular map, but it looks pretty damn cool. Design is less traditional, but it works and looks damn good doing so. Kinda reminiscent of BioDome Eclipse, actually...

DM-VDM-TyrianStation13 (by LrdMidKnight) I'm gonna mix it up and hit the VDM maps now, to avoid monotony. Too much DM in the space of an hour drives Kouen insane. o.O

The first word to slip into my mind upon entering this map, was "Midgar". Those who played Final Fantasy VII would probably understand the symmetry. This map is basically a train station in a very large industrial city. There are two outhouses to each side and a walkway going around overhead. You can also go down to the boarding platform - just try not to get hit by the train. n interesting thing I'd note in this map's construction, is that almost as much effort went into outside the playable area as inside. Nice touch especially on how the train can be seen travelling in the background.

The map looks good, plays even better, even though the VDM aspect extends no further than two Locust hoverboards.

DM-VDM-Demolition (by Relic) Destruction Derby, anyone?

This map is where most if not all of the new vehicles come into play. Aside from the vehicles, this map is basically a sandbox. Rough terrain, some stunt setups, and a liberal smattering of vehicles and items.

Not too much to comment on here, just ride around and have fun.

DM-TRBP-DiscoFever (by Lord Vipes) This is a small one. Designed for 1v1 matches, should accomodate six people. Will be a close squeeze though.

There's five rooms, each filled with goodies. The main dance floor, two side halls, the rear hall, and the control room up above. Not a lot of cover, but with a little teamwork skilled players should be able to set up and fortify a perimeter. Not much cover in any of the rooms, so in a team game, all the cover would definitely come from your buddies. It's small enough to not support large games, but at the same time it's so small it makes large games much more interesting.

Not much more to say. A little map, but a nice one. Be careful of flak monkeys - in close ranges like this, flak cannons are a major threat.

DM-TRBP-Foundry (by UnReally) In a nutshell, this map is more of an Unreal Tournament map than all of Epic's maps combined. The reason UT was superior to it's rivals is that rather than trying to be revolutionary and awe-inspiring, it was built merely to be played. Anything else was a bonus. This map definitely reflects this philosophy. It's not heavy on the aesthetics, but it looks as good as it needs to. Gameplay is where it shines.

Two levels. Ground floor, and the upper floor. Plenty of space to shoot between the two. Rather than using stairs, there's just basic ramps, which makes it much easier to use spider mines and grenades for those who like to use the ONS weapons in Deathmatch. No high-poly meshes, no seriously high-res textures, none of that gawd awful particle crap so many people insist on using when pixel shaders would be more than sufficient. Whether your computer is an XPS custom-built gaming rig, or a three-year-old Athlon office system, this map will give you no headaches on performance.

Nice to see the scales balanced, instead of giving the advantage to those who feel the need to overcompensate by buying a $600 graphics card which grants only marginal performance increase over a $250 card. Plus, this map just has the feel of UT99, which none of the official UT2k3/2k4 maps have. Trip down memory lane, no?

DM-TRBP-Gloom (by UnReally) Since this review is long enough as it is, I'm going to redirect to Relic's review of this map.

CTF-TRBP-Blender (by Relic) DOM-TRBP-Blender (by Relic) CTF and Domination versions of Blender. The map remains unchanged since the DM version.

CTF-TRBP-ParasiticDream (by LrdMidKnight) DOM-TRBP-ParasiticDream (by LrdMidKnight) This map uses various elements such as terrain and plenty of possible routes to take in order to create a challenging CTF experience which relies far more heavily on tactics than reactions and reflexes.

I can't really describe it. You have to play it. There are so many foxholes, so many twists and turns, so many places to take cover... Fastest finger first doesn't really cut it. You'll need to anticipate your enemy and their actions, and not only that you'll need to be aware of the surroundings. Don't let the apparent scale of the map and the recommended player limit deceive you - this map is bigger than it looks when you have to prevent an attack on your flag.

Close-range weaponry will likely be more effective in the way of damage potential, but there's always the chance of feeding more ammo into the wall or a hill than your enemies. Long-range weapons aren't so efficient at cutting the hitpoints here, but if your marksmanship is up to date you'll find that they're more reliable for scoring hits.

An interesting CTF map, to be sure, and quite interesting in the Domination gametype too, although not so much for me, being a CTF junkie.

ONS-TRBP-EuropaSE (by Relic) ONS-TRBP-ThePlazaSE (by Relic & Giles Cresswell) ONS-TRBP-TheIslesSE (by Relic) These maps have had seperate releases and have been reviewed in full. Fundamentally, these versions of the maps are the same as the others. Only noticeable differences are that they are considerably larger and have had a serious aesthetic overhaul. They basically play out the same though.

One main difference aside from the overhaul and update, is that Europa now has blast doors on the bases which can be opened or closed from inside. Useful for keeping people out, but similarly not so useful in the respect that it keeps your people in. Use with discretion, naturally.

Check the reviews and screenshots here: - Europa - The Plaza - The Isles


Ahh, yes, quite a few new vehicles were added here. You can find and play with them all on the Demolition map for the most part. However, the SEAL Landing Craft is only available on The Isles in Onslaught.

Flakrat: A light scout vehicle built off a modified Scorpion framework, with dual flak cannons installed in lieu of the web cannon and blades. It's also seemingly lighter and faster. Taking fire from this baby is like taking fire from four pissed off flak monkeys at once. Ouch!

FragEd Special: A crimson motorbike with a minigun and a grenade launcher as it's primary and secondary weapons. Tapping jump while riding will trigger a quick vertical boost, whereas holding the button will trigger a flip maneuver. The bike can be fully rotated during this maneuver.

Locust Hoverboard: Needs no explanation, as we're likely all familiar with UT3's Hoverboard. Hitting jump will cause the Locust to jump in much the same way as the Manta, and hitting secondary fire will trigger the Locust's attack - a close range cyclone spin which crushes whatever it comes into contact with.

Wyvern: A red bike which fires two types of rocket-propelled grenade. Primary is fragmentation, secondary is incendiary. Primary is more effective against armored targets, whereas secondary seems to be more useful against lighter targets. Like the FragEd bike, it has aerobatical capabilities.

Scorpion MkII: Basically, a Scorpion, with a high-caliber chaingun installed.

Manta MkII: Aside from the really really big chaingun on the front, this is indistinguishable from a standard Manta. Be careful, this thing hurts.

SEAL Landing Craft: An unarmed vehicle used for ocean transport. It's only real purpose is travelling from island to island while staying under the radar.

Mutators, Pickups and Extra Weapons

See the Readme section for a list of mutators and pickups.

One criticism I do have, is the addition of shoulder-mounted link cannons and rocket launchers. As cool as such features are, the way they are implemented, they automatically fire when you fire any weapon, consuming ammo. This does equal more damage, but there are a lot of bad side effects. Makes it harder for a sniper to do their job without revealing their location, for instance, not to mention the fact that your rocket launcher and link gun will be almost always empty. This feature does need rethinking a little, I'd say.

On the whole a high-quality pack, lots of content, and as an extra it adds a folder full of TRBP wallpapers.

The most important part by far is that unlike the UT2003 Style mutator Epic included, the mutator included in TRBP really does revert the game to UT2003's style of play to a degree where I can barely tell the difference.

Nice work from everyone on the team, could still use a little refinement, but that's what Beta versions are for. Everyone remember to give these guys some feedback!

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This is a completely new technology created by Mark Caldwell.  What sets it apart from other pickup mutators is it’s ability to replicate the visual effects uniquely between a server and client.  The package is preloaded with a library of new pickups for mappers, but also allows any user to add the mutator into the game.  A user can virtually make their own pickup in the game’s mutator list, replace an existing pickup with it, and also define what kind of visual effects the pickup will have.  All of these modifications will also be replicated on a client machine!  Another feature of these pickups is the ability to use them when YOU want to.  Items are placed in your inventory.  You can use the [ and ] keys to cycle through your inventory.  Pressing the 'U' key will activate - and even deactive - a pickup.  A very powerful tool for both mappers and server admins.  Here is a complete list of the prefabricated pickups that can be inserted by mappers, or placed in the game by the user using the muteffects library mutator.

AdrenalineRegeneratorPickup   ( prolong your adrenaline buzz )
ArmorPickup   ( alternative to the standard UT shield )
ArmorRegenerationPickup   ( self explanitory )
BugPickup   ( turns you into a bug with bug size abilities )
DoubleDamagePickup   ( slightly modified visuals )
FlyPickup   ( you feel much lighter )
ForceFieldPickup   ( superior to armor )
GhostPickup   ( walk thru walls )
GrowthPickup   ( wanna be five stories tall?? )
HEVSuitPickup   ( protects from fire, water, lava, etc )
InstagibPickup   ( one shot … one kill )
InvincibilityPickup   ( cheaters ! )
InvisibilityPickup   ( why wait for adrenaline? )
JetpackPickup   ( fly around in style )
JumpPickup   ( gives a 50% jump boost )
QuadrupleDamagePickup   ( ouch? )
ShrinkPickup   ( makes you bug-size )
SpeedPickup   ( gives a 50% speed boost )
SuperArmorPickup   ( hit me with all u got lol )
SuperJumpPickup   ( how high? )
SuperSpeedPickup   ( they call you ‘the streak’ )
SuperStealthPickup   ( increased invisibility )
TripleDamagePickup   ( triple trouble )
VampirePickup   ( killing gives you health )
FireSurfer Pickup   ( surf the arena ablaze...throw fire chunks )
FireGiant Pickup   ( become a fire chunk throwing giant )
NightmareRider Pickup   ( nice jacket … very nice )

As the name suggests, this mutator is a much more robust version of Epic’s UT2k3 Style mutator.  It gives the game the feel of UT2003’s wall boost jumping, dodging, fast weapon switching, and rate of fire.

Why did Epic not think of this one!  Adding this mutator to the game will give you rewards when performing vehicle dare devil stunts.  Available rewards are frag points, health increase, and adrenaline.  Also configurable is a rewards multiplier value.

These actors were originally created by MarZer for UT2004, but had replication issues when used between servers and clients.  Warhead fixed these replication issues.  These actors give a mapper the ability to add dynamic lighting and environmental effects.  Examples are:  fading lights for day to night transitions, timed triggers, ambient monsters, various weather effects (rain, lightning, snow, hail, dust), real wind karma effects, tornados, earthquakes, and much more

Light Saber:
Though this weapon has no animations, it is still deadly and quite fun to use.  The idea is to slash and lunge the weapon using your mouse.  The final version will have team colors and an alt fire shield, which will reflect bullets back toward the enemy.  Fun for the entire family.

Rocket Shoulder Cannons:
Yep you read correctly!  Picking this item up will place a rocket cannon on the players shoulder.  Grab another and you have one on each shoulder.  It uses standard rocket ammo pickups and also allows you to use your weapon in hand.  This gives you the ability to use three weapons at once.  Deadly….very deadly.

Plasma Shoulder Cannons:
This pickup has the same concept as the rocket cannons, but fires link gun ammo from the cannons.


Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Why do I get a file mismatch error when trying to join a TRBP server?
A: If you previously installed the TRBP beta 1.0 + , uninstall it before you install beta 2.0. Also try purging the contents of your ut2004\cache folder.

Q: Why is my frame rate lower than usual?
A: This pack pushes the UT engine to it’s extremes in both detail and mutator code. Try lowering your display settings to compensate 

Q: I want to use some MutEffects pickups in a map.  Where can I find them?
A: The new pickups appear under the actor class Pickup > TournamentPickup


This bonus pack is copyright 2007, by the TRBP Team.  Authors may NOT use this bonus pack as a base to build additional content without explicit permission from the original author(s).   You may NOT use the resources  from this bonus pack without explicit permission.  You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this bonus pack.  You MAY distribute this bonus pack  through any electronic network, provided you include this documentation - and leave the original archive intact.

UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2004 (c)2002 Epic Megagames, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.  Distributed by GT Interactive Software, Inc. under license.

UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2004 and the UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2004 logo are registered trademarks of Epic Megagames, Inc.  All other trademarks and trade names are properties of their respective owners.

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