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MäxX has included many gimmicks (installer, bonus pix, bios supporting more than one language) The voicepack-entries and the included voicep...


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MäxX has included many gimmicks (installer, bonus pix, bios supporting more than one language) The voicepack-entries and the included voicepack should be mentioned here again 4 Team color support Also a nice feature is that he included a teamlogo for the team. A real nice idea to round things up! The characters are pretty strong (the weakest is at Malcolm-niveau)! If you have them in your team they can help you a lot and a great help to win Single Player mode at higher levels.

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Download 'ut2k4tsecharlie.zip' (13.31MB)

----------------------------Team Snake Eyes - Charlie-------------------------

---------------------------------General Info---------------------------------

Version: 1.20

Author: Markus "MäxX" Rotter

Contact: [email protected]

Bio-Languages: English

File Contents: *UT2k4-TSE-Charlie-Install

Used Editors: JASC Paintshop Pro 8
              Upaint 1.1
              UEdit 3.0
              UT2k4 Voicpackager
              Goldwave 5.10
              Notepad XP

Compatiblity: Tested with Unreal Tournament 2004 (Retail Version+)
              After some minor changes it alos works well in UT2003.


Unreal Tournament 2004 (Bios don`t work proberly in retail version, please get
the latest patch for optimal perfomance)

To benefit from the upl-entries, you should have the UT(99)-Voicepack 
by Lopar-XL (http://www.nationnarrownet.com) and FemmeBot200Four
by UnrealGrrl (http://UnrealGrrl.com) installed.


Simply execute the TSE-Installer and define the folder UT2004 is installed.


*The suits of all characters have been revised and some chars got again a small
*All char-portraits have been improved (in my opinion *g*)
*A Team-Logo has been added for playing Team-based-mods. As a small bonus there
 are also my 2 UC2-Logos included. They were made to be part of the comunity`s
*Each character got his/her own voice - Cobra got my voice.
*Installation now comes with a comfortable exe.
*Fixed the DUP-Bot-Name Fury. She appears still as "Fury" in game but there won`t
be troubles with a DUP in SP anymore.

v.1.15 (unreleased patch):
*Sentinel gets a new suit (the pipes are finally gone & new repaint)
*Fury has changed her hairstyle
*Minor graphical emhantments on Elektra & Titan
*ServerPackage-entries are made for better online gaming
*UT(99)-classic VoicePacks are selected in the upls.
*Error in Desertrain`s bio fixed (I just forgot to mention her fav. quote, oops)

*16 new characters for tournament battle:
*7 human female, 7 human male, 1 cybernetic female & 1 cybernetic male
*Each char has 4 team colors
*All bios are supporting english and german language

-----------------------------------known Bugs---------------------------------

The Bios don`t work, if you have the retail version installed. Please get the 
latest patch for optimal performance (or copy the text from .int or .det files
to the chars-upl to the entry text="....."), but in some cases the text might
be too long.

The male members have minor grafical errors in the neck area, but that's a
problem with the original Merc-Model.

If another character of other authors on your HD have the same name there 
might be probs.
In that case please append a "´" (without apostophes) at the end of the name
to avoid troubles.

-------------------------------Words by the author----------------------------

Thanks to all guys 4 giving me that much feedback (in forums, on the download
sites and @-mail), so I was (hopefully) able to make that skinpack a little
bit more worthy to play.

One point of discussion was, that some suits did only have another main-color,
but were mainly the same. This has now been changed, of course there were only
minor changes (breast armor,upper-arms,thighpads, and so on...) made, because
the philosophy of the pack is still bringing a clan-like atmosphere. But now,
there is no suit twice in the set and diffrences can easily be seen.

All in all this one can be called a "recycled" skinpack, but I really love to 
play with it with my pals via LAN. I think it`s not important how a skinpack
was made, it just should look cool, and IMO, this one does ;)

Keep on fraggin'

---------------------------UT2k4-Works of the author--------------------------

#Team Snake Eyes (9 Skins - 4 MercFemale, 4MercMale, 1 CyberneticMale)
#Team Snake Eyes - Part II (7Skins - 3 MercFemale, 3 MercMale, 1 CyberneticFem)
#Team Snake Eyes - Patch v.1.15 - unreleased
#Team Snake Eyes - version 1.20 - (splitted in 4 parts, Alpha to Delta)

#UT-Classic-VoicePack (5 original UT voices) - unreleased
#TSE-Cobra-Voicepack (also part of the TSE v.1.20 skinpack)

#ADSU - Alternate DUP Switch Utility and Character database (currently WIP)

*Themes for Handies:
#Nokia6600 - UT-Logo Theme (of course in 4 Team-colors *g*)
#Nokia6630 - UT-Logo Theme (also compatible with Nokia 6600)

-------------------------------Special Thanks to------------------------------

*The Epic-Team for making this rockin`game!

*My brother Tom (Neos) and my pal Christian (Titan) for letting me use their

*SaD and klasnic from Skincity (www.skincity.beyondunreal.com) and the 
Beyond unreal Forum (BUF) for their always kind support and the good times
in the forum.

*All the guys from BuF (Beyond Unreal Forum) for giving me some suggestions,
inspirations and tips.

*All the others, who gave me feedback (congrats, critics, improvement ideas)

*Paul Catalano (www.xgxlan.com/vp) for his outstanding voicepacking tool.

*Lopar-XL (http://www.nationnarrownet.com) for his great UT(99)-voicepack and
 the comments and tips for my voicepack and unrealGrrl for her outstanding
 Femmebot200Four voicepack.

*You for downloading, enjoying and reading this crap


This inoffical addon is provided as is and is not supported in any ways by
the manufacturer or publisher of the Unreal Tournament-Series.
You use this at your own risk! The author cannot be held responsible for any
data-loss or other damage on your PC due the usage of this product (In the
original version of this addon there were no dangerous files purposly
You may freely distribute this file, as long as it is unchanged, all files of
the original zip-file (see listing above) are included and no fee is charged.
If you want to change the files, use a part of my work for yourself or charge
a fee for making it available, you have to ask me for permission and give 
me credit.
By using or providing this addon you agree with this license terms!

You have to enjoy the package ;)

----------------------------------End of File---------------------------------

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