U2 Gunner

A skin of what I guess is the Unreal 2 Gunner.


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A skin of what I guess is the Unreal 2 Gunner.

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Download 'grexgunner_ut2k4.zip' (4.79MB)

This is the unreal 2 gunner model with 4 versions of a skin i have made for it. They are
grey and black, going for a dark gunner feel, they also have shaders which ive seen on
some levels make them really shiny.
October 18, 2004

Skin created by Grex_4d


The following files should be extracted into these folders in the UT2004 directory:


No team colours, doesnt really matter at the moment.
if you find any issues, please email with screenshots, i want to know if they do die on you

To Epic for the game we all love.
To the wonder of photoshop.
Some friends who helped.

gregglet99@hotmail.com (thats for MSN as well)

©2004 Andrew Gregg
You may distribute the umod/zip file as long as the contents remain intact and unaltered.

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