UETF Chronicles

UETF Chronicles is a co-operative modification for Unreal Tournament 2004. Players assume the role of cybernetic super soldiers in...


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UETF Chronicles is a co-operative modification for Unreal Tournament 2004. Players assume the role of cybernetic super soldiers in the United Earth Tactical Force as they battle against the brutal robotic enemy known as the Wrath. Gameplay revolves around working with your team-mates against superior numbers of robotically controlled AI enemies. There are three selectable classes in every UETF squad, with their own set of selectable unique weapons and special abilities. Each class has it's own strengths and weaknesses, causing the squad to rely on each other in combat.

Individually, not even the elite soldiers of the UETF stand a chance against the full fury of the Wrath. But together, the combined strength of a UETF squad will prove unstoppable. This is the essence of the UETF-"The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts".

Alright. This mod can definately be seen as a beta, it's got a few bugs. But otherwise it is great fun to play. I sat playing it for a good 45 minutes, before I realised I needed to upload this and add a review. I love this mod, and it will be one of the few that will stay on my hard drive for a long time.

Basically, when you load up one of the missions, you choose your class and start the mission. Each class has a certain skill set and certain weapons to choose from. Each class also has a special attack that they can use when their special meter is filled up. After selecting your class, you can choose some weapons (which need to of been unlocked). This mod will definately be popular once it hits the final stage.

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Download 'uetfbeta4.rar' (49.77MB)

To install mod.  Unzip this zip (which you probably have already done) and place all the files in your UT2004 directory



M: Opens Class and Weapon Select Menu.  You can pull this up at anytime, even before you are spawned.

R: Reload Weapons

USE KEY (Default U): Important for talking to officers on UEM Saratoga

Dodge Back: This activates your special ability if you have enough energy.  -Make sure dodging is enabled!

Thanks for downloading the UETF Chronicles Prelude.  This is, as of yet, an unfinished work.  But we hope you'll have a lot of fun with it none the less.  This version is meant for single play only-the multi-player has been disabled while we bug-test the network replication to the point that it's stable enough to be enjoyable for everyone.  

For help and gameplay information, please visit our website at www.planetunreal.com, and for further information or feedback our forums at http://www.utforums.com/viewforum.php?f=27.

We hope you have a great time with this release and please check back for the next chapter in the UETF Chronicles.


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