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The main concept behind Unreal Annihilation is to bring the RTS style of Total Annihilation to Unreal Tournament 2003. To do this,...


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The main concept behind Unreal Annihilation is to bring the RTS style of Total Annihilation to Unreal Tournament 2003. To do this, we plan to employ two methods; The classic Overhead view, and the engine's favorite First Person view. Both of these views will aid the player in leading his units to victory.

The story line simply follows in Total Annihilation's footsteps. Even after the war between humans had ended, the two factions of the Arm and Core still fight on over un-inhabited worlds, lead by their Commanders. Instead of human pilots, the Core simply copied their soldier's brain patterns into a comuter, allowing them to simply copy it into each new unit, where the Arm uses cloning to create its pilots. Thus the war of the clones vs patterns began, better known as the Arm vs the Core.

This is the patch version. You require a previous install of Unreal Annihilation. I currently have no time to do a full review, please e-mail me a review to gsmith2001@gmail.com if you want to.

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Download 'ua2004beta1.1patch.zip' (19.56MB)

Unreal Annihilation 2004 Readme.

Developed by : Team Unreal Annihilation
Version : Beta 1.1

Table of Contents

1 How to install

1.1 Installation
1.2 Setup

2 How to play

2.1 Finding Unreal Annihilation
2.2 Starting solo a game
2.3 Starting a dedicated server
2.4 Joining a multiplayer game

3 Keyboard commands

4 Troubleshooting

4.1 Crashes, bugs, errors
4.2 Help on Mac and Linux
4.3 Release Notes (ver 1.1)

5 Workers

5.1 Team Members
5.2 Contributers

6 Thanks to

7 Legal Notes

7.1 Distribution
7.2 Disclaimer

1 How to install

1.1 Installation
If you have the Zip, Rar or any other archived version, extract the contents to the UT2004 directory. Make sure to extract with paths.

If you have the UMOD version, run the exe and the installation wizard should guide you through.

1.2 Setup
Enter your UT2004 directory
Enter the folder 'System'
Right-click on the UT2004.exe and choose 'Create shortcut'
Right-click on the shortcut and click on 'Properties'
In the field 'Target:' change the path to:

..\UT2004\System\UT2004.exe -Mod=Annihilation2k4

If your installation was at the default installation location of:

The shortcut would be changed to:
C:\UT2004\System\UT2004.exe -Mod=Annihilation2k4

Run this shortcut to play Unreal Annihilation

2 How to play

2.1 Finding Unreal Annihilation
Currently the UA2004 menu is not implemented. When you run Unreal Annihilation you will reach the default UT2004 menu. You can access Unreal Annihilation in the 'Gametype' menu under the section 'Custom Game Type'

2.2 Starting solo a game
Go to Instant Action from the main menu
Choose Unreal Annihilation as gametype
Choose map you wish to play on
Press 'Play'
Once map is running click the mouse and wait until the team color option displays

NOTE: There is no single player game in the form of missions or A.I skirmishes. This is just to see the game run and move about.

2.3 Starting a dedicated server
Go to the directory ..\UT2004\annihilation2k4\System
Run 'UA Server.bat'

2.4 Joining a multiplayer game
From the main menu open the console by pressing the ' key


Replacing <IP ADDRESS OF THE SERVER HERE> with the servers IP

If the servers address is 123.456.789.000 you would type:
open 123.456.789.000

Unfortunetly this is the method that must be used until we resolve some bugs.

3 Keyboard commands

[ = Raise the camera
] = Lower the camera
Home = Toggle displaying health bars (on non-selected units)
Shift = Queue the next command
CTRL + # = Set the selected units to that group number
# = Select the units of that group number

Commands are currently only changeable through editing your Annihilation2k4User.ini file

4 Troubleshooting

4.1 Crashes, bugs, errors
If you find any of these, please report them to this thread:

We have included the source of our mod for people to view (not to steal), if you think you can provide a fix for a bug using this, please show us here:

-Air units don't really work
-Water units do NOT work
-Weapons don't work on structures
-Animations are messed up somewhat
-Repair doesn't work
-On-Line play may be a bit choppy depending on your connection and the speed of the server, and not working completely right (small gliches)
-Totally untested with more than 2 people playing
-Unit AI is dumb and blind. They will not attack on site, you have to explicitly tell them to attack, however...
-Turrets DO work, somewhat, so defend your base well.

In a future version it will be more playable, bear with us.

4.2 Help on Mac and Linux
Currently there is none.
If you can contribute how to install/run/play this on Linux or Mac, please post it here:

4.3 Release Notes (ver 1.1)
-Added New Map UA-MetalMayhem
-Added Start Menu Shortcuts
-All Packages now compile properly!!!

Code Changes (Thanks for Qwertys for this):

Line 1033-1064: Now attacks enemied. if an enemy dies, the attack spot is removed.
TODO: make attack icons appear over the enemy
TODO: Doesn't work perfectly, fix it.
Line 1061-1062: Now adds the collision height of a projectile to the location, now fires weapons to the proper location.
TODO: AttackSpots[CurrentAttackSpot].Location should point towards an enemy if one was selected.
No longer a child of Bot, copied most code from Bot
Removed some unused functions like inventory, vehicle, and jumping code
New Classes Added for new UaBot.uc
All Files that used the old classes should now be updated to use these new classes. They all have the same functions
as their old Classes with the exception of unused functions.
Line 50-51: Changed Weapon delay for peewee
Line 19: UaBotController now Extends UaBot (Error message were caused by stale Bot functions.)
Line 87-88: Check if trace has a result before using it
Line 111: New variable. Holds class when unit is selected so it can call UaControl.Deselect()
Line 231: New Variable. For Burst weapons, counts down how many of a burest has been fired.
Line 239: New Variable. IsExploding is set when a unit is exploding. halts loops when multiple units explode next to eachother.
Line 630-639: Don't Damage a unit that is already scheduled for exploding.
Line 647-652: Deselect to unit in UaControl or else UaControl will try to reference an unvalid unit.
Line 690: We're exploding, set IsExploding.
Line 693-695: Bad checks. unlikely ratio would == 1.00 but still fixed.
Line 728-729: State 'killed' doesn't appear to be working. temporary fix.
Line 768: Same, State 'killed'.
Line 794: Another bad Ratio == 1.00 check.
Line 949: Confusing check.
Line 1022: Dont add resources, take them away. TODO: check if there are enough resources to fire.
Line 1031: Dont access an empty array
Line 1047: Dont access an empty array
Line 1084-1093: Add weapon burst function
Line 1095: Better to check >=
Line 1104: Better to check >=
Line 1132: Initialize Burstcountdown
Line 1135, 1216, 1231: Confusing check.
Line 1280-1284: Look at new attack spots only if they exist.
Line 1290: Look at the attack spot.
Line 1293, 1306: Confusing check.
Line 1612: IsExploding starts false
Line 398: Tell the unit who selected it.
Line 674: Dont access a object that doesn't exist.
Line 724-727: Dont access a object that doesn't exist.
Line 1564-1572: Causes Crashes, find out WHY!
Line 8: Now extends UaBot.
Entire file: Attempting to create ballistic weapons. NEED to figure out angle calculations.
Commented TODO.
No longer needed. Bursting is now done in UaBuildable.
Olmost completely redone. now bounces. FixMe: needs to bounce more then once.
lowered DrawScale
Is this file even used? Schedule for deletion.
Line 27-29: Added new variabled for Accuracy and Burst
Line 55: Set Velocity Accuracy.
Line 139-148: Function to change Accuracy.
Line 184-186: Set defaults
Now Extends UaEMG, adds a burstcount, burstdelay, and is more innaccurate.
Olmost completely redone. Works now. :)
Now Extends UaSmallBomb, Give a burstcount and Accuracy.
Enemies can now be attacked. *Not complete
Units attack vector now takes into account projectile collision height.
Warnings from unused functions.
Warnings frum using Objects set to &quot;None&quot;
When a selected unit dies, unit is now deselected to remove references to an invalid unit.
Weapons now removes resources instead of adding them
Units should now look at an enemy before firing.
No more random crashes when a unit fires too many shots.
Rockets now work.
Added the Ability to fire weapons in bursts.
Peewee now fires in Bursts.
DGun no longer crashes the game. Now bounces. needs to bounce more then once.

5 Workers

5.1 Team Members
Christopher 'FireSlash' Kadar - Team leader, webmaster, renaissance man

Michael 'MBisME' Burke - PR i.e He looks nice

James 'JamesKilton' Kilton - Lead coder

Martin 'Killer' Scheer - Coder

Bjørn - Inactive coder

RGD2 - AWOL coder

John 'Lupin[lvl]' Loving - Lead modeler

Fluid - Modeler

EvilMonkey - Skinner

NineInchNeil - Animator

Gibbz - Animator

JonAzz - Mapper

Wallace - Inactive mapper

Nicholas &quot;Cynix&quot; Tasker - Musician

5.2 Contributers
Qwertys - thanks for all the bug fixing
DJ Arcas

6 Thanks to

Chris Taylor - Because Total Annihilation is so much fun.
Gas Powered Games - For showing support.
Epic and DE - For making such an awesome game.
Atari/Infogrames - For not sueing us. (yet)
The people in #unrealscript on ETG - For helping us with my constant n00bish questions.
The community - Because you guys rock.

7 Legal Notes

7.1 Distribution
You may distribute this modification under the following limitations.
Failure to comply will result in either us getting bitchy, or perhaps a lawsuit.
You have been warned.

1) You may NOT alter the contents of the original file. All of the original files must remain inside the file.

2) You may NOT charge money for this file. THIS INCLUDES CHARGING FOR USING A DOWNLOAD SERVER. The ONLY case in which this is allowed, is when money is being paid for a PHYSICAL MEDIUM AND/OR SHIPPING i.e. You can charge for the cost of a CD and shipping to distribute the file, but can NOT charge for the use of a file server to download the file from.


4) You may NOT claim this modification as your own work.

5) This modification may be distributed ONLY in its original form.

It will also be helpful if you email a link to your server to Fireslash (fireslash@beyondunreal.com) along with your email address, so we can keep a list of file mirrors.

7.2 Disclaimer
We (meaning all contributers and team members) are NOT responsible for ANYTHING this modification may do to you, your PC, or anything else. By using it you agree to this. Now that being said, I don't think its going to melt your processor, but in the odd event that it does, tough cookies, its not our problem.

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