Unreal Tournament 2004 Community Compilation Pack 1

I've completed the first Release Candidate of my (yours) Unreal Tournament 2004 Community Compilation Pack 1. Created by the UT2K4 communit...


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I've completed the first Release Candidate of my (yours) Unreal Tournament 2004 Community Compilation Pack 1. Created by the UT2K4 community, compiled by me into a highly compressed easy to install umod, also including a very well detailed readme file for your general reading or for installation procedures.

Sporting the following features:

74 Maps, majority of which are VCTF maps making that gametype a reality today. 25 Onslaught Power Node Link Setups dubbed CrossHatch, you'll understand that name when you play. 1 Master Mutator, Excessive 3.01. 3 Mutators, Instagib4Ever, PingCompensation2, NoVehicleLocks. 3 Gametypes, Vehicle Invasion 1.16, Vehicular Homicide, & Vehicular Genocide. 1 Invasion Wave Table, making every wave following an obvious level up. 32 Custom Intelligent Bots, Made to make instant action mode seem human like multiplayer 2 Excellently designed fully functional Player Models, Bender from Futurama, and Martian from Mars Attacks.


Unreal Tournament 2004 with ECE Bonus pack and fully Patched Approximately 1.25 Gb

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Download 'ut2k4ccp1pf14rc1archive.zip' (346.06MB)

~~Unreal Tournament 2004 Community Compilation Pack 1~~

Visit http://www.driverheaven.net/

For up-to-date Technology Related News, and a Excellent friendly Community.

~~Current Version~~

Last Compile Date: Febuary 24th, 3:48pm (Saskatchewan, Canada).

PreFinal 14 Release Canidate 1

	~BurgerWarn, Conveyor2k4, and Tempest due to being of low quality or port overs.
	~Removed Turbine-TE, decided that it was lacking in comparison to Turbine-CB.
	~Removed Agressivealleys and Dunes of Innocence, not that great.
	~Added 1 Map, Redkin, Looks great, plays great, and I love the music!
	~Will be contacting the creator of "VCTF-Campersparadise" for a fix.


Approximate Space Required: 1.22 Gigabytes

~~Revision History~~

PreFinal 13 Internal Changes

	~Removed a total of 32 custom bots, they were no longer required.
	~The above effects the character selection screen as well, Simpler browsing.
	~Thoroughly testing UT2K4 Patch v3355, appears to work without a hitch.
	~Made a few changes to various readme files.

PreFinal 12 Public Preview

	~COMPLETE rebuild of the entire UMOD installation.
	~Recreated various images and names to suit a public release.
	~Fix a few minor problems, NEAR RELEASE.
	~Awaiting Suggestions for anything that should be excluded or included.
	~HTML Readme still being worked on, should appear soon.

PreFinal 11

	~Quick Fix, Missed a Custom Bot Profile.
	~Make Preperations for additional HTML Readme.
	~Built with thorough Critique in mind from others.
	~Also to start getting extremely selective on specifics.
	~Custom Bot Names expected to change.

Beta 10	~AHA, fixed the multiple problems with the Custom Bot UPLS.
	~Unfortuneately, due to the above problem, Player selections are enabled.
	~Moved the Backup UPLS to the Archive, a UMOD uninstaller would cause problems.
	~Made a few revisions to the BannerLogo, little cleaner, may still need work.
	~Quite a few changes made to the installations. Removed and added some files.

Beta 9	~Name Change, may still yet be revised. (HOPE NOT!)
	~New Install Logo. Fancy spanchy!
	~Preperation of a HTML version of the Readme. (not included)
	~Included UMOD Extractor, no need to make 2 seperate archives.

Beta 8	~Included a few missing files that maps depended on.
	~Added new Player Model: Martian (Mars Attacks character).
	~Added 2 Server Sent-To Client side files, prevents additional downloading.

Beta 7 	~Added new Player Model: Bender (futurama character).
	~Added Complete Official and CBP Character and bot backups.
	~Fixed a weird, VERY weird unseen error while going through the install wizard.
	~Name Change (thanks Chaos), may be revised later yet. Logo remains the same.
	~Added 2 more Onslaught CrossHatch Link Setups.
	~Changed a few details or files around in the install selections.

Beta 6	~Added Judas's Invasion and Vehicle Invasion Wave Table Configurations.
	~Fix the unavailable "English (International) selection on installer.
	~Made MAJOR changes to the DHCUT2K4BPReadme.txt, info is now plentiful.

Alpha 5	~Added Entire compliment of Help/Credits for the maps that included them.
	~Made a small change to the Excessive Default Configurations.
	~Fixed an installation issue with Vehicle Invasion 1.16, I messed up the DIR.
	~Added Judas's CrossHatch Onslaught Link Setup configurations.

Alpha 4	~Added a TEST Banner Logo to installer.
	~Included Gametypes: Vehicular Homicide & Vehicular Genocide.
	~Additional 12 Maps bringing the sum total up to 78 Maps.
	~Added PoopyTheJ's and Judas's Custom Bots.

Alpha 3	~Fix Umod Installer, would crash for some unknown reason.
	~Included Gametype: Vehicle Invasion 1.16.
	~Additional 3 Maps bringing the sum total up to 66 Maps.

Alpha 2	~Setup Selectable Installs.
	~Included Mutators: PingCompensation2 & Instagib4ever.
	~Additional 8 Maps bringing the sum total up to 63 Maps.

Alpha 1	~Included Mutator: Excessive 3.01.
	~Addtional 6 Maps bringing the sum total up to 55 Maps.

Alpha 0	~First UMod Creation.
	~Includes 49 Maps.

~~How it came to be~~

A few members of Driverheaven.net decided the Official maps weren't enough.
Even including the Official ECE Bonus Pack and all 3 of the CBPs:
Community Bonus Pack 1, Community Bonus Pack 2 Volume 1 and 2.
We also used CTF4, allowing us the old UTClassic style 3 or 4
Team gameplay, but with CTF and providing Deathmatch as well.
One of the major reasons for making a map pack was to finally make
Vehicle Capture The Flag a reality. We were tired of waiting for
Epic to release a package themselves, and after ECE showed up, majority
of hope was lost.

We all set out to scour the net for old rebuilt Classics to
the new age very creative maps. We tested Virtually all VCTF maps
we could find, they were our major concern at the start. We
also were interested in new mutators, gametypes, custom bots and
link setups for Onslaught maps you name it. Mostly looking for
fun things to play with, overall graphic quality wasn't a concern
at the time. We now strive to make a sleek, professional looking
package that everyone can enjoy high quality maps and mutators,
but still have every ounce of fun that could possibly be squeezed
out. Hopefully we can make every UT2K4 player happy, even if it's
just a handfull of UT2K4 players.



Should autmatically startup after being decompressed and successfully extracted.

Run the UMOD to start the UT2K4 Setup installer. Follow the Directions
carefully for a hopefully flawless install.

	Custom Bot & Forced Custom Bot Additionals Install Selections:

	The first option HAS TO BE Selected if the second is selected.
	The first installs 1 UPL Bot Configuration file, these tell
	the game what bots to load up durring Instant Action or while
	hosting multiplayer games either via Listen or Dedicated
	server modes. IF you selected only the second, you may end up
	errors. This is the ONLY concern when using the UMOD installer.

	WARNING: In your own player character selection screen, you'll
	encounter approximately 32 duplicated models and skins with
	differing names. THESE are the custom bots, DO NOT SELECT these
	as your character as joining another server will make you appear
	as a default character such as Jacob to other players, or worse
	case, boot you from the server with model/skin detection and

	Additionally, IF you wish to have the orginal bots back playing
	in the game, go into the archive you had previous extracted this
	document, and it's complement of files. Within it should be a
	folder dubbed Bot Backups. Read the Bot Backups document if you
	wish. COPY ALL files within the folder aside from the document.
	Paste them into your UT2004/System folder, REPLACE all files.
	Go play!

	Lastly, if you play on servers and they all appear to be default
	skins such as Jacob, and you don't like it. You can fix this by
	copying all the files asidef rom the document to your
	ut2004/system folder, replaceing the files. HOWEVER, doing so
	will allow the orginal bots to play again. Your choice to have
	either one or the other. You'd have to manually copy the specific
	upls from your ut2004/system directory to a folder if you wish to
	use the custom bots again, before replaceing those files.


IF you are having difficulties running the UMOD, or you wish to install
it manually or for server use, please follow these directions closely.

	Launched UMODExtractor. In the UMOD FILE, load the UMOD you wish
	to extract. YOU may have to click OBJECTS OF and select all files.
	In the Destination Directory, Browse to your UT2004 Folder
	EXAMPLE: C:\Unreal Tournement 2004\
	MAKE SURE that there is a Forward Slash (\) after the destination.
	NEXT SCROLL down the list to find 2 files under the following:

	UNCHECK these 2 files. Hit EXTRACT CHECKED FILES, wait till this
	button is not greyed again, at which point hit EXIT. Play the game!

~~Known Issues~~

Due to the nature of all Umods, the progress bar doesn't always work
"perfectly" nor does the "space Required" information.
Listed under current version is the my approximate space required,
refer to it if you are receiving BOGUS space required information.

IF you encounter problems, PLEASE, PM me over at Driverheaven.net
OR create a new thread detailing everything you can possibly imagine.
I'll try my best to help you out with your issues. I however
cannot take responcibility with any major problems, you take a risk
using this package.


Thank you Epic for bringing us an excellent, rich and fun filled game.
Thank you to all those that took the many hours, months, even years to create
all these wonderful maps, mutators, gametypes, bots, link setups.

All materials are either copywrite OR/AND owned by thier respective creators.

Specific thanks go out to:
Sniper AKA LChevy78
And any others i may have forgotten.

Once again, Thank you all!

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