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UnWheel is a driving modification for Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 with a focus on fun driving.

Rather than just racing, many dif...


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UnWheel is a driving modification for Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 with a focus on fun driving.

Rather than just racing, many different vehicle-based gametypes are on offer, giving the player an assortment of different styles of play and environments in which to drive.

Along with this wide range of modes of play, UnWheel features every type of four-wheeled vehicle you could think of, from sports and rally cars, to monster trucks and massive mining trucks. Each vehicle can be customised to suit the driving envinronment or your driving style.

A wide range of gametypes:

* Race Classic lap-based racing * Capture the Flag Players compete to return the flag to a central location on the map * Roamer 'Open-ended' freestyle driving where players try to score by driving over random scoreing points * K-Ball Get the giant beach-ball into the goal to score * Rabbit Players compete for possesion of the flag in order to score * King of the Hill Dominate an area of the map for as long as possible to gain points

Multitude of vehicles:

* Sports/Racing cars Sleek and fast, well suited to road driving * Monster Trucks Giant trucks with giant wheels for giant offroad action * Rally cars The ideal mix of speed and great on- and off-road handelling * Wierd and wonderful A few little (and some rather large) extras to add spice to any round

General features:

* Freedom to choose any vehicle At the start of each map, you are given the option to choose any of the vehicles without restriction * Multiple camera view options Each vehicle has an array of camera angels available so you can use whichever suits you best * Headlights for night driving Turn your headlights on and off for fun or just to see where you are going at night * Multiple skins per vehicle Most vehicles have at least three or four skin variations available * Customisable vehicle setups At the start of each round, you are given the opertunity to set up your vehicle with custom settings such as tyre grip, suspension, wheight, etc. Later, you can pit in and make further changes if required * New HUD The HUD has been replaced with something a little more relavent, and shows gametype-specific information. Also featuring a rear view mirror which can be toggled on and off. * L33t effects All kinds of effects, including headlight volumes, brake/reverse lights (with dynamic lighting), sparks spew out when you make contact with solid objects, surface-specific effects for grass, mud, sand, ice, water, etc. * Customisable UnWheel is completely customisable and flexible, meaning it's easy to create your own gametypes, cars, etc.

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Download 'unwheel_msu.zip' (405.85MB)

This ReadMe documents a few of the features and options available in UnWheel, as well as providing a basic outline of gameplay.

It should be noted that UnWheel has been tested and works with with UT2004 patched versions 3237 and 3270.
The UnWheel download is provided in two formats - an installer for Windows users, and a plain Zip file for Linux users and servers. Installation instructions for both are provided below:

EXE Installer:
The EXE installer is recommended for Windows users, it will place all the files in the correct locations automatically, and provides uninstall support.

Once you have downloaded the file, simply double-click it and follow the on-screen prompts. Make sure you select your Unreal Tournament 2004 installation directory as the target location or UnWheel won't work.

The installer will also create a selection of shortcuts in your Start Menu. The "Play UT2004" shortcut is not required to play UnWheel, however it is provided for convenience. The "Play UT2004 (custom user config)" shortcut will also run UT2004 normally, but a custom User.ini (UnWheelUser.ini) file will be used so you can define custom controls without them conflicting with your normal key layout.

Zip install:
The zip install is recommended for users who don't use Windows or for server installations where a graphical install may not be possible.

Just extract the files to your UT2004 installation directory making sure to use directory information and the relevant UnWheel options will be available in-game.
Setting up a server
A new feature in this release of UnWheel means you no longer have to do INI editing of ServerPackages before players can join your server. This also allows you to run UnWheel on your server alongside other gametypes, without forcing players to download UnWheel, unless it's actually being played.

If you would like to disable certain vehicles from specific gametypes for whatever reason, you can do the following for each of UnWheel's gametypes in your server's main .ini file:


In the above example for the Race gametype, we have listed a collection of vehicle classes seperated by a semi-colon (';') - this list defines which vehicles a player will not be able to use. You can find a complete list of vehicle classes in the UnWheelSCars.int file.
Starting the game
Once in-game, you can start a game of UnWheel exactly the way you would any of the default Unreal Torunament 2004 game types. Select one of the UnWheel game types from the game type list, select a map to play, set the game options as you normally would, and click "Play" to begin the game.

Vehicle selecion and setup
When the map has loaded or you join a multiplayer server, you will be prompted to select your vehicle. Just click one in the list on the left and you will see a 3D rotating view of it.

You may also sleect an alternate skin for your vehicle from the skins list below the vehicle preview.

Once you are happy with your vehicle and skin selection, click the "Select" button to enter the game with your chosen vehicle.

In multiplayer games, if a server administrator has disabled any specific vehicles, you will not be able to select those vehicles - the "Select" button will become disabled when a disallowed vehicle is selected.


The controls for UnWheel are fairly simple. Use your move forwards/backwards keys to accellerate and brake (once you have come to a stop, pressing backwards will make you reverse). To steer, use the strafe left/right keys.

Pressing the jump key will cause you to use the handbrake, which can help you around sharp corners or make quick 180 degree turns.

Use the mouse scroll wheel ( or your next and previous weapon keys) to move the camera view closer or further from your vehicle. While using the 'Drop Cam', this will cause your view to zoom in or out.

Pressing Fire or Alt-Fire will play a horn sound effect.

Mouse Steering
UnWheel features an easy-to-use mouse steering option (which you can enable from the Vehicle Selection display when starting a game). To steer with your mouse, simply face the camers in the direction you want to go and your vehicle will steer and adjust to ensure you end up driving that way. Note: Works best with the "Free Camera" camera mode.

In addition to the above standard controls, the following are also available and can be set to specific keys from the UT2004 Controls Configuration options screen:
- When you engage the Turbo, you will get a short boost of improved acceleraton and top speed. While in use, your turbo bar (lower-left of HUD) will decrease. Once it's run out, you will need to wait for it to recharge over time before you can use it again.
- If you roll or flip your vehicle and end up upside-down, you can quickly correct your vehicle by flipping it onto it;s wheels.
Full Reset
- You can use a full reset to place your vehicle back at the last waypoint/checkpoint/goal you were at. Useful if you get yourself into a sticky situation.
Toggle camera
- Toggles between the free camera (default view) and the fixed behind view (more like a traditional racing game view)
Drop camera
- 'Drops' the camera at it's current location and focuses on your vehicle. Using the next/previous weapon keys or mouse wheel will cause the view to zoom in or out.
Rear View
- If you are using the fixed behind view, holding the Rear view key will flip the camera around so you can see what's behind you. Releasing the key will return your view to normal.

The UnWheel HUD
This is a typical view of the UnWheel HUD in action:

The UnWheel HUD

Below is a brief outline of each of the numbered HUD elements above:

1: Game summary
This area normally holds your score or lap count, as well as your position in the game.

2: Navigator
The navigator helps you find your way to your objectives in the game. The rotation of the direction finder is relative to the direction your vehicle is facing, so when the direction finder it at the top of the circle, your goal or objective is straight in front of your vehicle, if it's at the bottom of the circle, your goal or objective is behind you. In addition, the color of the direction finder will change based on the distance to your goal or objective - yellow means it's very far away, red means it's very close. In team games, indicator's are added pointing to each base.

3: Messages
Informational messages will be displayed in the middle of the HUD here, their size and color will vary depending on the information they are related to.

4: Extra information
Any extra or useful information specific to the gametype you are playing will be displayed in this area.

5: Speed
You current speed is displayed as a bar here. It has no bearing on real-life KM/h or M/h, and is just used as an indicator so you may judge your relative speed.

6: Mini score-board
It's not always convenient to switch to the full score-board mid-game to keep track of player positions, so this mini score-board will display the top 3 players and their scores/laps. In team games, it will show each teams's score, and the score required to win.

How to play
The various UnWheel game types are straight-forward and easy to pick up on pretty quicky. Here's a short description of each one:

In Roamer, players score by driving over various 'roam points' in various locations. After scoring at one roam point, one of the other roam points will become active. The red target indicator on the top of the HUD will point towards the active roam point. Follow it to the next roam point to score. To win, a player must reach the score limit by driving over as many roam points as possible, as quickly as possible.

Kinf of the Hill
To win a King of the Hill round, players must try to keep control of a specific area of the map. More than one player can in fact be the 'king' at once, so players must try to knock other players out and keep them out of the 'hill' area while still trying to stay in themselves. For every few seconds a player manages to stay in the scoring area, a point is awarded until a player can reach the target number of points to win.

Racing really needs no explination. Players are placed on a track which they must follow to complete laps. All checkpoints placed at various points around the track must be driven through in order to complete a lap. The first player to complete the specified number of laps wins.

Like Race, but Rally takes place over a much longer course and there are no laps. The first player to complete the course wins.

Capture the Flag
(Free-for-all CTF gameplay) A flag is spawned at any one of a number of possible locations in a map which players must drive over in order to pick up. After picking up a flag, the player with the flag will be giuded toward the capture point by the target indicator, while the other player's target indicators point out the location of the flag carrier. Players can steal the flag from the carrier by bumping into him. Any player who enters the capture point while holding a flag will be awarded a point. Once a flag capture is scored, a flag will be re-spawned somewhere in the map. To win, a player must reach the capture limit.

In Rabbit, a flag is spawned in the map and players must pick it up by driving over it. Once a player has the flag, that player will score one point every second. Other players may steal the flag by bumping into the player with the flag. The player who reaches the score limit first by holding the flag the longest, wins.

Big Air
The goal of Big Air is to get the most stunt points as quickly as possible. You can gain stunt points by making jumps - rewards are based on how far the jump is, and if you managed and mid-air rolls or similar stunts. For every 10 stunt points you earn, your score is increased by 1.

Team Capture the Flag
Team CTF works much like traditional Capture the Flag. Two teams, red and blue, each have a base and a flag they need to defend, while trying to steal the other team's flag. Players must drive over the enemy's flag in order to pick it up. They then need to get the flag back to their base and drive over their own flag to secure the capture. After a capture, the enemy flag is returned to it's base. Flags can be passed to team-mates by driving into them. Flags can be stolen by the enemy in the same manner. Once you take your flag from an enemy trying to capture it, you will need to return it to your base to secure it. Players already holding flags cannot take flags from other players. If a player holding a flag resets or enter an out of bounds area, the flag is passed to the nearest enemy or friend, however if there are no players able to take the flag, it will be reset to it's base. The first team to reach the goal score, wins the round.

Team KBall
Team KBall is UnWheel's equivalent to Soccer. Each team starts on a side of the 'field', and a KBall is spawned in the middle. Each team needs to knock the ball around and try to score in the other team's goal. The HUD navigator will show a green indicator which points toward the ball. The first team to score the requireg number of goals, wins.

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